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Pier 9 Machine Catalog

by:QY Precision      2019-09-21
Pier 9 workshop has a brand new website! (
This includes the details of our entire machine catalog)
Please visit us here to learn about the latest projects, events and updates happening at the workshop.
More information about the residency artist program can be found on their website or on the wonderful vimeo channel. As of 08.
2015, this statement will no longer be retained. -------
Welcome to Pier 9 workshop!
This is the live catalogue of the machines we are currently using in the store, including links to models and machine specifications.
We have 7 great manufacturers
Space on the dock: digital manufacturing room, woodworking workshop, metal workshop, 3D printing workshop, Project Room, electronic store and commercial kitchen.
We are accumulating links to other guides, tutorials, and sample projects (
Production in our workshop)
Help you start using our machines in the last chapter of this directory!
We will keep this manual updated when we get new equipment or add existing equipment.
You can ask more specific questions/comments/requests to P9Workshop @ Autodesk. com.
More information about the Workshop is available in Autodesk\'s Pier 9 Workshop Instructure, including how to be a store user.
Our CNC workshop leaders write a comprehensive, knowledgeable guide for operating CNC machinery: learn CNC, just like our CNC workshop houses a collection of the world --
Flight: 2.
The 3D printing shop includes: 2.
There are the following machines in our woodworking workshop: 2. 112.
Our metal workshop has the following machines: the metal workshop also includes a wide range of metal working hand tools, pneumatic tools and electric tools. 2. 112.
The project room includes the following tools: the project room also includes a wide range of projects, sewing supplies and photographic background stations. . 2.
The electronic laboratory has the following equipment: 2.
11 our commercial test kitchen includes: material purchase guide for Pier 9 project written by the leader of the 3D printing room
Gabe design vector for CNC and digital manufacturing, author: workshop instructor-
Martin HornApplies: Quick Start Guide: Roland Versacam vinyl printer/CutterWritten: 3D Printroom lead
Gabe patinfast Start Guide: SuperMax 25 drum SanderWritten author: Wood/metal room lead-
Josh MyersCNC Room tool library and resource author: CNC Room Lead-
Dan vidakovich, comprehensive guide to learning to use CNC machine tools, author: CNC Room Lead-
Dan VidakovichInventor HSM to DMS router: 3 2-axis workflow author: Xander BremerHow: CNC Room Lead-
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