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pharaohs\' flying machine runs into turbulence

by:QY Precision      2019-09-08
William Bowen\'s \"The ancient Egyptians are black\", \"the plane of invention\", \"evolution\" and \"precise science of pre-cognition and other psychological phenomena\".
These are all produced in a guide used by school teachers in Portland, Oregon and other American cities to highlight African cultural achievements and inspire black students. The African-
The American baseline paper published by the Portland Public School Education Commission has long been at the center
Beyond the value of multicultural education.
Most scholars say the journal Science claims that Pharaoh\'s achievements are equivalent to \"pseudoscience \".
But scientific criticism of factual claims has been submerged in the intense debate in the United States about curriculum reform, which requires students to learn more about Africa and Asia at the expense of European history and literature.
Advocates of these changes say it is necessary for them to show black, American Indian students that their culture is also involved in scientific progress.
The article says that an old 14-centimetre-
Long Wood, plane-
A shape object is a complete scale model.
\"The Egyptians used their early planes to travel for convenience and entertainment,\" said a British businessman \".
This article claims that the religious papyrus that describes the origin of God\'s Neber-
It shows that Egyptians had the theory of species evolution at least in 2000 before Darwin.
The Egyptians were also \"masters \". . .
Pre-cognition, mental motivation, long-range observation and other underdeveloped human abilities.
This spiritual energy is not just magic, but a precise science in Egypt.
Stephen Quirke, an Egyptian scholar at the British Museum, said the statements were not credible.
This is not like the ancient Egyptians, he said.
In fact, there is no evidence of any manned flight, claiming that papyrus outlining evolution has been misunderstood, and that the story of spiritual power is not more common in ancient Egypt than in any other culture.
This article says it\'s Al-
It is found that the law of gravity is Harsin, not Newton; that the 10th-
Century scholarBattani and Al-
It was not Copernicus and Galileo who discovered the principles of astronomy; and that Al-
It\'s not Bacon who invented scientific methods, it\'s Wayne Rooney.
James Sekord, a scientific historian at Imperial College in London, said the statement was neither useful nor true.
Islamic scientists have made a big contribution to science, but for example Newton discovered gravity, which is beyond doubt.
A baseline paper was published in 1987.
Portland\'s school lets teachers use it in class.
The series has also been reported by education authorities in cities such as Atlanta, Detroit and Washington, D. C.
Anthropologist Bernard Ortiz de montelano of Wayne State University in Detroit sympathizes with the goal of multicultural education.
Nevertheless, he criticized scientific illiteracy.
Most scientists will deny science, he said.
Montelano believes that the article will confuse students from ethnic minorities and make it more difficult for them to distinguish between science and pseudoscience.
The effect will be to reduce students\' scientific achievements.
Introducing the baseline paper in Portland as director of education, Matthew Prophet said: \"When people try to check every scientific thing in real time, they miss this.
The Prophet said that part of the content is currently under review.
However, Ortiz de Montellano says the article has been undamaged by a single review.
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