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perodua plans to produce more eev models

by:QY Precision      2019-08-28
Kangdal: kuduwa (pictured)Perodua)
Plan to produce several new energy-saving vehicles (EEV)
Remain competitive in the compact car sector through its five modelsyear plan (2017-2021).
Mohammed, acting senior manager, Youth and Sports Minister, Saifuzzaman Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. , said the plan is designed to meet the needs of low fuel consumption small cars.
\"Since this is a business strategy, I cannot disclose the model, but the quality, cost and fuel of the new model will be better --
Efficient, \"he\'s handing in-Five seconds away.
Computer numerical controlCNC)
Machines at Perlis University, Malaysia
German Prime Minister Datuk Zul Azhar Zahid Jamar was here yesterday.
Saifuzzaman also said that the strengthening of the Bezza model in the company got five
Recently recognized by the star of the ASEAN New car evaluation program and the Axia model, it has received great response from customers.
The cost of each CNC machine is RM300, and the cost of each new machine is about RM800, 000 to rm1. 3mil each.
Meanwhile, Zul Azhar said the strategic relationship between automakers and universities has helped graduates receive hands-on training in the automotive industry over the past five years.
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