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perf go green builds an earth dome for the go green expo

by:QY Precision      2019-09-11
This weekend, at the Go Green Fair at the Los Angeles Convention Center, I was hired as a Green consultant by Perf Go Green.
The Earth dome is a huge structure that uses live music, video and environmental awareness spaces to educate the environment.
The Earth dome creates a space for security and uprising to celebrate with others and bring awareness to the Earth.
After a short stop in Los Angeles, the Globe Dome will continue to travel around the United States for activities such as Super Bowls, film festivals, music festivals, fashion shows, etc. . . etc.
Give you a little background on Perf Go Green
They developed a biodegradable garbage bag made of recycled plastic and treated with oxo
Proprietary applications for biodegradable.
Perf Go Green claims that their bags are completely decomposed in the landfill environment within 2 years, with no residue or harmful toxins and a shelf life of 2 years.
Perf Go Green is one of the main sponsors of Go Green Expo.
Perf Go Green will showcase their Earth Dome during the expo.
From the outside, the Dome of the Earth looks like a white bubble coming out of the ground.
The creator dome of the dome explains that the various types of shelters found in nature inspire the dome structure.
Inside the dome of the Expo
The audience will go through the artificial grass \"planted\" by AGL.
Using artificial grass can save water and energy.
From this perspective, AGL saved 0. 25 billion gallons of water for Americans and used 73 gallons.
There were 5 million car tires recovered last year.
All tables, plaques and signs were designed and made by AoSA and Jenda with no remaining waste.
In an interview with Jenda, he explained: \"looks can be deceptive.
They may not seem relevant, but the display stand at the entrance and the table at the dome are actually direct by-products of each other.
Easels has been adjusted in the form to maximize the production per sheet of FSC certified plywood and cut precisely through a CNC router.
Then, there was very little scrap there that became one of the Perf Go Green display tables, making the production of each piece of plywood close to 100%.
The other two large tables are made of the base pads required by the CNC machine and are transferred directly from the bin.
Between these three designs, the waste generated by one process becomes the material of another process.
Cumulatively, they have transferred more than 400 pounds of the wood from the waste steam and 150 square feet of printed wrong carpets!
\"Their products are not only environmental friendly,
Friendly but they are beautiful works of art.
The Earth Dome will host programs within the dome, including live music, video presentations and environmental action calls.
Music will play on oneof-a-
Including the world\'s largest hard instrument.
William Closs said he was inspired by patterns and sounds in nature when making a harp.
Like a harp, Close believes that it is essential to keep the Earth in harmony.
The video and call for action are very compelling and encouraging.
More into the earth dome
Media experts who disseminate environmental awareness and encourage people to adopt environmental practices in their lives.
For those who can\'t visit the Earth dome at the Go Green Expo in Los Angeles, keep an eye out for the white bubbles on the trip.
What would you say about calling for action for the environment?
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