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Peoria Based Advanced Technology Services Helps Improve Manufacturing Productivity

by:QY Precision      2019-10-25
Advanced technology system (ATS)
Is a company based in Peoria, Illinois that helps improve productivity and profitability through production equipment maintenance, information technology and spare parts repair.
I spoke with Holly Musk, senior hiring director and ATS 6 Sigma Deployment champion at ATS, to learn more about the company.
Mosack told me that ATS is a $0. 3 billion company split from Caterpillar. in the 1980\'s.
\"Advanced Technical Service staff helps to prevent machine failures, with about 3,000 employees around the United StatesS. , U. K.
\"Mossack said in an interview.
When I asked her about some of the challenges facing the company, she said, \"We need highly skilled and highly skilled people.
Our staff need to know about torepairhydraulics, mechanical systems, electrical systems and heavy machinery.
These types of jobs are not promoted to career choices in most universities today.
\"That\'s why veterans are well suited to advanced technology systems.
As a former Army captain who left Iraq in 2005, Mossak told me that she was nervous when she left the Army.
Fortunately, the ATS hired her despite the lack of civil and corporate experience.
Mosack told me, \"Veterans are very technical and have a lot of discipline.
About half of the ATS managers are veterans.
\"Mosack made it clear to me that ATS is not a personnel Company, nor is it just a veteran.
Caterpillar, Motorola, Eaton, BorgWarner, Textron and Panasonic are some of the biggest customers of ats.
The equipment that ATS employees work on robots, PLC machines and CNC machines is very technical and highly automated.
Many machines can be traced back to the beginning of 1940s.
When I asked the staff at Mosack ATS how to learn from each other about machine repair, she told me about a system called ATSefactoryConnect.
ATSefactory connections diagnostic service that connects maintenance technology with technical experts to quickly solve complex problems: ATS also works with community colleges to let employees learn how to fix the pros and cons of equipment in the Midwest. When I asked Mosack what she thought were the pros and cons in the Midwest, she said that the downside is that since many people have not heard of Peoria, hiring in Peoria can be challenging.
She also added that taxes in Illinois are not very friendly to businesses and some laws should be changed.
Mosack says there are a lot of professionals.
\"The people here are one of the biggest professionals,\" she said . \".
People in the Midwest work hard and are very engaged in their work.
\"Manufacturing is the backbone of our country, so innovation is the key to this industry.
ATS is a good example of success stories that help drive business development and innovation in manufacturing.
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