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pay a robot scribe to pen letters in your handwriting

by:QY Precision      2019-10-05
Handwritten notes can be a pleasure but a real chore through Aviva ruttkinhandwritten.
There is a search stamp, a trip to the mailbox and the pain of trying to join --
More used to texting with your fingers.
Enter a few starts-
Let the robot do the ups for you.
Charging, a machine with a regular pen will print your message-sent through the app-with a hand that looks like a human, and even change the size and shape of the character to increase
\"We are not trying to deceive people into believing that someone has written a note for them,\" said Sonny kaberwal, founder of the New York City hand-written Service bond, which was launched in November.
\"We try to give people a tool to express themselves in the way they want.
\"The handwriting robot is a high
Automatic disclosure of technical updates to machines, re-creating multiple signatures on diploma or politician letters.
The new software allows the robot to mimic the different features of a person\'s handwriting, just like the way we connect letters.
While robots don\'t write much faster than actual people, they can work long hours without feeling tired or making mistakes.
The robot will imitate a character written by a person, just like the way letters are added to the up. Customers can choose from a number of preset fonts designed to look messy, stylish or formal. Or for $
199. the bond will imitate the customer\'s own handwriting and be a & dollar;
499 they will invite you to work with a handwritten expert for a day and improve it first.
Bond also offers options based on celebrity handwriting like Freud.
You can also send thanks using the service
Your greeting card, holiday greeting and birthday greeting card.
For the company, robots may be a convenient way to communicate with customers and colon;
Market research shows that people are more likely to open handwritten letters.
Mail lift in Austin, Texas, and Handiemail in Chicago have hired people for the mission.
\"There is a certain emotional nature to receive a real note,\" said David vaxs, tired of writing a thank-you note, so he created the app handwryttten
You make a record after a business meeting.
Etiquette expert Jodi R. R.
Smith of our company said she liked the idea.
\"Anything that helps people be more polite and thoughtful is a great technology.
This article appears in the print under the heading \"no time to write?
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