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pathejas fall in excise department dragnet | pune news - times of india

by:QY Precision      2019-11-03
Pune: the notorious Pune
Industrialists based in Pathejas may flee.
The total debt of banks and other creditors could reach an astonishing 600 rupees.
However, fraud continues at the Patheja factory, which is no longer present in Pune, one of which is owned by a court takeover of the Bombay High Court. In a three-
During the day operation, which began on October 10, the central excise duty inspector group, led by a director, confiscated factory machinery and raw materials worth Rs 8, these machinery and raw materials were secretly removed from the Patheja forgings and self-driving manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. (PFL)
From Patheja brothers forging and Stamping Co. , Ltd. (PBL).
We received a prompt --
The goods and machines were secretly removed without paying the excise duty.
Only after following a truck to leave the Patheja plant for talegon did we realize the impact --
The director of the central consumption tax told TNN, Chakan Road.
Subsequent investigations by excise inspectors revealed the removal of precision and imported forging and stamping machines, lathe and CNC machines and semi-
The finished product happened in a two-year period.
Officials say the machines were removed one by one over a period of time and transported to the three gods located in Talegaon --
Nazicakkan Road-
Chakan Road and PuneBangalore road.
The central excise department has now deployed private security personnel in these damn places.
The ministry has confirmed that this is the largest of its kind recently seized from the Pune industrial zone.
The ministry also reminded its units in the industrial zones of Satara and Waluj in olangabad, where other Patheja factories are located.
The action of the excise tax is significant because only two days ago, financial institutions led by ICICI Bank had five Mumbai apartments belonging to the Patheja group. The Pune-
The companies based in PBL and PFL are the group\'s main companies, with a membership fee of more than Rs 600 to each agency.
A senior excise commissioner said that after identifying the background of the company, we were aware of the impact of our seizure.
Pathejas owes 17 rupees to Pune\'s consumption tax, he said.
Now, he said, we will become interested parties and file a claim to the Bombay High Court to recover the dues.
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