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passion and love drive jay leno to fill a 130-car garage

by:QY Precision      2019-09-11
On a sunny day in Burbank Hill, Jay Leno\'s canary yellow McLaren supercar broke the silence.
Stuck in the cockpit of 903.
The horsepower hybrid P1, Leno flies around a curve and tilts to the throttle.
There is no traffic on the road at noon, $1. 2-
Millions of McLaren crossed the canyon with controlled anger.
Renault said on the parking sign: \"I just can\'t stop . \" Then roar again.
\"It\'s just a perfect combination of science and technology. . . .
You will hear the sound of the engine breathing.
\"Back to Burbank, where the car started, there was a humble hangar next to the airport, which had a collection of Renault\'s enviable 130 cars, 93 motorcycles and a range of engines, spare parts and souvenirs.
The world knows the late Renault.
Television and stands at night
But in the car circle, Renault and his collection have even surpassed his contribution to the Chronicle of television.
Tonight Show is a job.
Cars are an obsession. Most blue-
Chip car collectors focus on a specific brand or era and plan it like a work of art.
Jerry Seinfeld, for example, sticks to Porsche.
Local businessman Peter Mullin prefers the French Art Deco car and keeps it in the museum.
A friend and neighbor of Renault, Bruce Meyer.
Vice chairman of the Los Angeles boardA.
Petersen Museum of automobiles-
American hot rods.
Renault took a more organic approach: he just bought what he liked in seemingly unlimited styles, times, costs, country of origin and promotion methods.
He is keen on cars with intriguing background stories, or those that mark engineering milestones.
But Leno mainly buys the car he wants to drive.
He thinks it\'s stupid to collect cars purely for the sake of acting.
\"I never thought it was a collection,\" said Renault, looking at rows of neatly parked classics.
\"May be in the middle
1980. I just started keeping things.
\"Since then, simple strategies have filled a warehouse with one of the world\'s most valuable and eclectic collections.
From such a high place there are new and old supercars
Marquis of McLaren and Lamborghini.
There is an American muscle car district, the old-fashioned Bugatti district, the duchenberg district.
Old electric cars and steam
Power cars of the same era.
An organization in Britain is old.
School Bentley and Jaguar, as well as strange Bristol and Lotus.
Almost every model has a huge hand behind it.
A painted copy of the original advertisement of the car.
Over the years, when NBC artists stopped working, Renault would pay them to recreate the mural-sized ads.
Looking closely, you will find that there are similarities between drivers with Renault.
In 1964, Renault bought his first car for $350, when he was 14. It was a 30-year-
The old Ford truck sitting in the middle of the parent\'s driveway at first --
Suburban Boston.
\"Of course, it\'s not running-
Why do you think my dad asked me to buy it?
Said Renault with a smile.
Before he got his license, he learned how to get it to run.
Then Leno found a job on a bread roll.
The dealers of Royce and Bentley, where he first found the inspiration to be an entertainer --
He thought it was his only chance to have Bentley.
His collection now includes some vintage Bentley of 1920 and 1930s.
However, despite Renault\'s talk about the complexity and history of his car, he never mentioned the huge amount of money involved.
\"Jay is not buying for the investment,\" said David Gooding, president and founder of Gooding & Co. , a high-
End the auction house in Santa Monica.
\"His purchase is entirely out of passion and love.
\"Renault had picked up many cars long before collecting the world to discover them and starting to raise prices.
This includes McLaren f1.
In the 1990 s, the new price of the cars was about $1 million.
Gouding\'s company sold one last year for $8. 5 million.
Before the market broke out, Renault bought many of his family.
Models of 1980 and 1990 take off after 2000.
They are now often sold for millions of dollars.
Renault 1967 Lamborghini P400-
Dean Martin bought a new one for his son, Dino-
It was given to him nearly 30 years ago.
At that time, after Dino hit a berm and smashed the car\'s oil bottom shell, the car\'s engine was sealed up.
A friend of Renault bought the car, but he gave it to Renault after he found that the cost of repairing Sanpu was higher than its value.
Renault rebuilt the engine.
Similar cars today cost at least $500,000.
No matter how much they cost, Renault\'s car can be driven at any time.
There is a key for each ignition.
Each car has a charger cable from the wall to the battery.
Even the 1906 Stanley steamboat Cup racer.
\"It\'s an honor to be the biggest car to stop speeding 405,\" Leno said.
The alarm is not speed.
The boiler of the car produces steam and occasional flames during normal operation.
\"You\'re on fire --
This is a wooden truck.
So you got some attention.
Cup racers Park with other steam-
There is a power car in the back room of the second hangar next door.
The building has a custom machine shop and a chassis metering machine for testing horsepower.
While Leno is very convenient in terms of wrenches, it is well known that the compact schedule means that the artist has left tuning and maintenance to his four employees --time mechanics.
They also set up custom projects like Leno getting his mechanic to switch from the 1966 Oldsmobile coolado in frontto rear-wheel drive.
\"The speed is very fast,\" he said . \" He opened the hood of the Golden Coupe and showed the twins --
Turbocharged 1,000-
The HP Corvette racing engine.
\"You stop by Corvette or Porsche on the highway and they will nod your head. . .
You were blown by them.
\"Renault is intoxicated with the mechanical and historical nuances of each of his machines.
Mayer said the comedian often tried to explain the details of one of his cars, but instead let it go straight over the top of his collector\'s companions. Meyer has been in his 1970 s.
The mastery of the details is attributed to Renault\'s hand --
Methods of collection
\"Jay is very wide because he likes to work in a car.
He has a deep understanding of everything he has . \"
\"I have never met someone who is so passionate and knowledgeable about all kinds of cars.
Including his new McLaren p1.
Leno is the first to deliver ultra-rare $1. 2-
Millions of sports cars.
Since he got his car in the parade, he has traveled more than 1,000 miles on the odometer.
As he recently crossed the Burbank Hills, several drivers on the road stared at Renault\'s new toy, took pictures on the parking sign and gave a warm thumbs-up --up.
While McLaren may devour any track, Renault usually limits his driving on public roads.
He would often cruise to a notorious curve on the Mulholland Highway in Malibu, known as the \"snake\", or to the ranch in Newcomb, a family located in kajie, Los Angeles.
Not everything he collects is vague or valuable;
There will be a lot of people at home in the garage for any car enthusiast.
There is a 2008 Dodge Challenger, the SRT8, several Chevrolet Corvairs, a 1957 Buick sports car.
In fact, many of his cars come from other garage fans.
The comedian\'s respect in the auto community means he often gets the first phone call from an old owner or widow who wants to send the car to a good home.
\"I \'ve been to the auto show and there\'s going to be a great car there, and the owner said, \'I want Jay to have it when I get rid of it, Meyer said.
Unfortunately, interest is two-way for Leno.
It is not uncommon for Leno or his wife, Mavis, to be handed a business card after Leno\'s death by someone interested in buying his car.
\"It drives my wife crazy,\" said Renault . \"
\"People are coming to her all the time.
\"After finishing the garage tour, Renault strolled along the quiet corridor of the hangar, climbed up his 1955 Pa Kade Caribbean and went home to commute. Painted off-
The White matches the red interior with striking red stripes on both sides, and the car is parked in front of an advertisement that calls it \"America\'s most charming sports car \". \"The V-
8 rumble of life, after a moment, Renault slid into the sun.
They made a pair.
The two American idols face an open road ahead. david.
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