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paris is launchpad for latest lathe addition.

by:QY Precision      2019-11-04
Bechler and its US subsidiary, Tornos Technologies USA, used EMO-
Paris will introduce northwest to its DECO 2000 single
Spindle lathe series. TheSwiss-
The type lathe is configured to add the workpiece and will take the mmdia (
16mm preparation with rod end).
Other machines on the production line include 10mm, 20mm and 26mm configurations.
As with all DECO 2000, the new model combines cam-
Control and CNC machines through the company\'s PCbased PNC-
TB control systemDECO software.
The Tornos engineer modified the 13mm design to improve the accessibility through a larger work area entrance and three back entrances
Working tools for cross drilling, milling and turning are now mounted on separate slides that allow both turning and drilling at the same time.
All cross drilling/milling/turning knives can be driven or fixed.
In addition, for greater installation flexibility, the three tools on the front or back panel can now be driven.
Nice new decor too
Faster and more robust processing with tb-enhanced bit processingDECO Ver 5.
0 programming software.
Main specifications include part length of 180mm per Chuck
The secondary spindle speed is up to 12,000 rpm and the maximum spindle power is 3.
7 KW, up to 14 spindle processing tools, up to 6 background operations, and 12 axes (
There are two optional C-axes).
Tornos also offers a varietyDECO six-spindle, 18-
Axismachine with a capacity of 20mm bar.
This is smaller than the original configuration. DECO 26mm.
The main advantage of this machine is the productivity of traditional cam machines with fast setting and precision of CNC machines.
The job conversion is done quickly instead of resetting the cam for the entire shift.
All machine emotions are electronically synchronized, not mechanically synchronized.
Parallel execution of Axis and machine function commands makes the production machine the shortest possible time.
Compared to other control types, there is less free time between functions.
While the operator can make offset adjustments on the machine, programming is usually done on a nearby PC.
Offline programming helps the machine to function properly.
Specifications include bar capacity from 5mm to 20mm, part length from 100mm to 6000, 18-axis, 15-horsepower spindle motor, rpm spindle speed, sub-spindle, Hirth curvic
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