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Outline of structure of spindle box of CNC machining lathe

by:QY Precision      2020-03-30
MJ-Structure Diagram of spindle box of type 50 CNC lathe. The AC spindle motor transmits the motion to the spindle 7 through the pulley 15. The spindle of the CNC machining lathe has two supports. The front support consists of a conical hole double-row cylindrical roller bearing 11 and a pair of angular contact ball bearings 10, bearing 11 is used to bear radial load, two angular contact ball bearings, one large mouth outward (Facing the front end of the spindle), A big mouth inward (Towards the back end of the spindle) , Used to withstand two-way axial load and radial load. Introduction to the structure of the spindle box of the CNC machining lathe the clearance of the front bearing of the CNC machining lathe is adjusted by the NUT 8, and the screw 12 is used to prevent the nut 8 from loosening. The rear support of the spindle is a conical hole double-row cylindrical roller bearing 14, and the bearing clearance is adjusted by NUTS 1 and 6. Screws 17 and 13 are used to prevent the NUTS 1 and 6 from loosening, respectively. The bearing form of the spindle is front-end positioning, and the Spindle will stretch backward when heated expansion. The supporting rigidity of the cylindrical roller bearing used for the front and rear supports is good, and the allowable limit speed is high. The angular contact ball bearing in the front support can withstand a large axial load and the allowable limit speed is high. The supporting structure adopted for the spindle of CNC machining lathe is suitable for high speed and large load. The motion of the spindle is driven by the synchronous pulley 16 and 3 and the synchronous belt 2 to drive the pulse encoder 4 to operate at the same speed as the spindle. The pulse encoder is fixed on the spindle box 9 with screw 5.
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