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Optimize the entrepreneurial environment and activate CNC lathe processing

by:QY Precision      2020-02-13
In the past two years, a large number of entrepreneurs have poured into the CNC lathe processing industry. Do CNC machining customization business, either have orders, or have equipment, you can do a big job. In the past, when starting a CNC-like processing factory, it was necessary to consult an intermediary service organization and pay an agency fee of about 2000, usually waiting for a week, you can get the registration procedures for precision mechanical parts processing enterprises. As a major province of CNC lathe processing services, Guangdong is further optimizing the entrepreneurial environment, simplifying the service process, and allowing entrepreneurs to access zero barriers. At present, the CNC machining customization service enterprise does not need to find an intermediary service structure at all, and it can realize self-help handling by opening a full-process intelligent service all-in-one machine in the enterprise. Not only free, you can get the business license printed on site in less than 15 minutes. From the CNC lathe processing intermediary service agency to the one-in-one machine for 10 minutes, it can be self-service; From multi-department service window consultation, to full online service, to self-service machine . . . . . . Guangdong has launched a series of commercial system reform and innovation measures, which has stimulated the enthusiasm of more entrepreneurs in the field of CNC machining customization. In just a few years, the main body of the precision mechanical parts processing market has doubled.
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