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Open-source CNC Project

by:QY Precision      2019-10-24
The first image is the Assembly View of C I C in Solidworks (z-
Axis and train are not modeled yet! )
Next Picture: close-up of the frame;
Widely used (skateboard)bearings (blue)
And aluminum corner profiles (red).
This railway system ensures the smooth operation of the train and does not move in other directions other than the railway.
The last picture shows the M8 thread with the skateboard bearing, which happens to be very suitable! (
Cheap and compatible! )UPDATE (see picture)
Since the laser cutter that cut parts for my cnc machine broke down for a few weeks, I had the opportunity to reflect on the original design and make some changes: go from M8 screws to M5, to overcome the difficulty of coupling screws with stepping motors. (
The shaft of the stepping motor is 5mm)
Redesigned x.
The shaft, the original dust and material may be stuck in the track or screw, and the new design prevents the dust and material from being more difficult to enter through the side slot. (
Feasible area is also added)
The length of all bolts is summed up with only two main sizes: 16 and 25mm.
Some other minor improvements!
Update IIFinnaly received the mid-fiber board parts for laser cutting today! yeay!
Starting to assemble the parts, I will cut the guide rail and the screw rod into length soon.
Hope to get the bearings in the mail sometime this week, so hopefully I will have a moving x-
Axis this weekend!
X after assemblytrain/y-
Frame I found some motion in the part and if not solved it will solve y-axis.
I already know how to fix this though and I will laser out more parts to reinforce y-frame.
I took some photos of the progress, so look at those!
If you happen to have a free power supply at home, please donate it to me; )
Received the stepping motor today, the driver received the parts, received it in one day!
It took me about 5 hours (
Does not include mapping components and finding out where all wires should go)
Welding drive.
I designed my circuits based on this chart, but I made some changes and I upload them when I have time to make my own circuits in Eagle!
In the first Test, the power supply indicates that the led is not working, oops, the polarity is wrong!
After that, I connected an Arduino and a motor power supply on it and wrote a quick program and eureka!
It\'s like a charm!
I used 0 for this small test.
5 A per winding group (
This is the 25% power I plan to use, more power is more torque)and 5 volt (
This is 20% of the voltage I plan to use, more voltage = more speed).
In this test, the speed and torque of the motor have been impressive and can\'t wait to see it in \"full\" mode.
Here are some pictures of the test: I downloaded the G code interpreter for Arduino and tested it with it, the result: works perfectly!
What I might do is hack into the code and throw away what I\'m not going to use.
You can find the G code interpreter here.
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