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okuma corporation completes new dream site 3 smart factory

by:QY Precision      2019-11-02
Okuma America Corporation, the world\'s leading CNC machine tool manufacturer, has announced the completion of Dream Site 3, the company\'s latest production facility (DS3)
It is located in Carney, Japan.
This smart factory uses cutting
Edge technology, robotics and IIoT (
Industrial Internet of Things)
Manufacturing vertical and horizontal machining centers and double
Support the column processing center of the company\'s product line.
The combination of innovative technology and automation in this smart factory can shorten the lead time of production by 50%.
The third intelligent factory in big uma is fromContains start-to-
Production facilities for finished products in vertical and horizontal machining centers and double machining centers
Column processing center.
This is the third intelligent factory invested by big uma in Japan\'s headquarters. The first two factories, DS1 and DS2, will be completed in 2013. 2017 factories are located in the company\'s headquarters compound in gukou.
DS1 is the firstContains start-to-
Complete the smart factory.
The construction of future factories is based on the goal of building future factories, weaving automation with skilled technology to build intelligent factories.
These smart factories combine cutting.
Edge automation, unmanned operation technology, advanced IIoT (
Industrial Internet of Things)
Knowledge of the workplace
How to achieve highmix low-
While maintaining the production efficiency equivalent to mass production, mass production is realized.
Big uma American is an American company. S. -
Sales and Service affiliate of Okuma Corporation, CNC World Leader (
Computer numerical control)
Machine Tool Company established in Nagoya, Japan in 1898.
The company is the only one in the industry.
CNC machines, drives, motors, encoders and spindles are all manufactured by Okuma.
The company has also designed its own CNC controller to seamlessly integrate with the functions of each machine tool.
In 2014, Okuma launched the Okuma App Store, the only centralized online market in the industry for machine tool applications and related content.
With its extensive distribution network (
Largest in America)
Okuma and THINC partners are committed to helping users gain a competitive advantage today and in the future through the open possibilities of machine tools.
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