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off grid power supply

by:QY Precision      2019-09-16
The project is a quiet, indoor friendly alternative gas generator.
If you are running an electric motor on a charging device, using lights, or even for a limited amount of time, this off-grid power supply is a good companion for camping or emergency situations.
Carbide 3 DThis is a great CNC machine for furniture-sized projects. It\'s got a 33\"(X)x 33\"(Y)x 3\"(Z)
Cut the area, fully compatible with the CAM tool of Fusion.
Post-processing in Fusion seems to work very well in all the tests I \'ve tried.
If you don\'t have a CNC router, all you need is a hand drill, a jigsaw puzzle with a metal cutting blade, a large format print from a printing factory, and some patience.
Here is a hand-made link to show you how to be your own CNC Machine: provide PDF drawings in the next step that you can use as a template, cut your own parts by hand with a jigsaw puzzle.
I\'m using creative CR-
Almost everything.
In my opinion, this is the best for you.
The decoration of this project occupies almost the footprint of the whole bed.
Cost of 3D printing: $210 (
Not counting Wood and 3D printing silk)
All of the following hardware can replace smilier hardware in your location and budget, but the CNC files are designed with these components.
Fusion 360 is free and great.
I use it on everything I design and make.
If you can use a CNC machine, it is as good as it is in simple and quick CNC programming.
Student/educator licence (
Free update every 3 years)
Amateur/startup (
Free update every year)
Like everything else I did, I designed this project in Fusion 360.
I love it because the CAM settings for making what you have designed are very easy, as you will see in the Fusion archive that comes with it here.
If you look at the list of parameters, you will notice that I am using the material thickness parameter.
This is important because of the interlocking part (
Combined with screws through pilot holes)
You can update automatically if you are using different materials.
The STL file is used to fix the end cap of the horizontal bar.
The CapMid block should be the connecting block for the side panel, but I ended up not using them because I stuck the side to the box.
These files are vector files that can be used for CNC or laser cutting.
PDF files are printable files that can be used for manual cutting of templates.
Whatever paper size they fit, they should be printed at a speed of 100%. Layout.
PDF is 1/2 \"material. Face Plate.
PDF is 1/8 \"material.
As shown in the figure, the battery and charger are installed in the slot on the insert and fixed with a zipper and screws with washers.
The inverter is fixed by screws through the pilot hole on the side of the box.
The chart above shows where the parts in the panel belong.
I have connected all the electronic parts with pole connector, but you can easily connect all the electronic parts with screws
Any hardware shop on the line cap.
Assembly is basically just one with X-
Side blocks of shape.
These components protrude through the main box to make the foot with a carbon fiber crossbar.
These bars are good handles for mobile power, but the idea is that they can also be used to attach it to a roof rack or something like that.
I used two \"wood screws to connect the end cap to X-
The shape panel as shown in the figure.
The hat is a bit tight, and if I do it again, I might make the tolerances for these parts even bigger.
Before the reverse start beeping, I opened a store vac from this power supply for about an hour (
Warning me output below 10 v).
We used it in a cabin in the forest to charge our phones, Bluetooth speakers, and fluorescent lamps, and within 48 hours we were still powered on.
I would like to try charging it with solar panels to see how well it fits with this system.
Tell me what you think in the comments!
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