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nyc hospital bones up on wire edm.

by:QY Precision      2019-10-11
A generation ago, people who suffered severe deterioration or damage to their bones and/or joints due to illness or trauma were at risk of loss of function or even amputation.
Today, because of places like the Department of Bioengineering at the special surgery hospital in New York City and its state, they can usually be restored to full functionalityof-the-
Artmachining ability.
The department is a custom manufacturer of bone and joint prosthesis, which are processed in foreign metals such as titanium alloy.
It was created about 15 years ago to make implant instruments and modify prosthetic limbs purchased from the outside.
Initially, the processing equipment of the department included amill, lathe, band saw and grinding wheel.
Using a band saw, you can cut the profile of partwould from the flat material.
Next, the part will be fixed on the milling machine for machining the reference surface.
The center will also be machined so that the parts can be opened.
It is artificial to process blanks through various processing operations.
Time intensive-consuming.
Due to the fact that the band saw process is not accurate or rigid enough to approach the finished size, a large amount of additional processing is required.
However, a technology in particular makes it easier and cheaper to produce implants.
Discharge processing (EDM)
Combined with the use of CNC machine tools and CAD/CAM systems, it plays an important role in reducing the production time and cost of the bioengineering department.
The department is using two Sodick A280L line EDM machined hip prosthesis.
Initially, cut the part profile in the flat strip (X-Yplane)
On the first machine.
On the second machine, the cut is rotated 90 degrees, fixed in the fixture, and in X-Y plane.
\"It will take a few days to cut this shape on a hand-motive bed,\" said Matt nayimoli, head of processing at the Department of biomechanics.
\"We can finish the work in a few hours.
Not only can we process more complex shapes with EDM, but we can also be closer to the machining size to minimize the amount of metal removed in the secondary operation of the CNC lathe or machining center, he added.
The most frequently requested part of the department is the hip and knee joint.
The hip prosthesis and other long and well-outlined parts are processed with a Ti-flat strip6A1-
4 V titanium alloy is used because it is a relatively inert metal in the human body.
The material is also corroded.
Its stiffness is consistent with that of the bone.
The shaft end of the hip prosthesis is anchored on the upper leg bone.
Machining cone column (turned)
At the top of hipprostsis.
The pillar puts the ball in half of the ball. and-socket joint.
The finish requirements of the hip Rod and the hip ball are different.
The ball rotates on the plastic hemisphere, which is made of polyethylene and placed on the patient\'s pelvis, receiving a mirror finish to minimize rotational friction.
The stem receives a plasma spray coating that increases the surface pore rate and encourages bone growth.
Stem finish-
The final size and surface content are processed before surface treatment is emitted.
For each hip implant, almost the same cutting instrument used in surgery must be made of stainless steel.
\"The cutting tool is only used once, but is critical for inserting the hips.
\"Surgeons use tools like rasp or file to hollow the bone inside into the same shape as the inserted implant,\" Mr Naimoli explained . \".
From design to completion, the typical time to make a prosthesis is three to four weeks.
Mr. nayimoli said that processing stainless steel knives and titanium hip blanks on EDM can save a week of processing time.
In an emergency, the implant can be produced in just three days.
Dr. Timothy Wright, director of the department, said EDM significantly reduced production costs by shortening processing time and allowing an operator to look after two or three machines.
However, DrWright says the biggest impact of EDM is the accuracy of the production parts.
\"Today, we create a porous or rough surface on the implant so that it can be biologically fixed on the bone.
This requires matching the anatomy as much as possible and intuitive control of the geometry.
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