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Number of MRIs in Canada soars in last decade

by:QY Precision      2019-10-23
According to a new report, the number of MRI scanners in Canada is four times that of 10 years ago, but is still lower in terms of availability than in other industrialized countries.
As of January 2004, Canada had 151 magnetic resonance imaging scanners, a significant increase from a decade ago.
In the same period, the number of CT scanners also increased by 44 percentage points, an increase of 338 nationwide.
The Canadian Institute of Health Information report also shows that there are more imaging resources in some parts of the country than in others.
There are 52 nuclear magnetic resonance machines in OntarioE. I. had one.
But the report did not answer questions about whether there were too few medical imaging machines in the country to provide adequate services to the population.
The institute collected data on the use of health services in Canada, but its report did not comment on these services.
It is estimated that 2 million Canadians aged 15 and over were tested for medical imaging in 2003, an increase from 2001.
According to the report, in the countries of the Economic Cooperation Organization, the number of MRI and CT machines per 1 million people in Canada is below average
Operation and Development. Canada had 4.
There are six MRIs in the million, far below the age of 35 in Japan. 3 and the U. S. with 19. 5.
The median for OECD countries is 6.
1 MRIs per million people.
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