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now you can get ramen from a vending machine

by:QY Precision      2019-12-01
Ramen vending machines are such a genius idea that you have to wonder why no one had ever thought of bringing them to the United States before. (
They are already one thing in China. )No matter.
There\'s someone now.
Three years ago, a semiconductor engineer named Andy Lin set off to make sure Americans who crave a bowl of steaming fresh ramen get 24/7 of the ramen. TastingTable reports that it doesn\'t even have to interact with another person. Lin’s Yo-
The Kai Express vending machine is now offering a bowl of ramen and broth for good people in San Francisco at a shopping and cinema called Metreon, with plans to roll out a wider range of rolls
First in the rest of San Francisco (
San Francisco International Airport is about to launch three machines)
Then go to cities all over the country.
More importantly, Lin told SFGATE that highend, piping-hot vending-
The concept of the machine can be extended to include other \"international cuisine\" such as risottos or curry. Cool, right?
But how does it work?
As shown in this promotional video, first of all you have to choose the type of ramen.
Pork bone, miso)
And then select your payment method (
Apple Pay, credit card or promotion code)
Then you wait 45 seconds to get chopsticks (and/or spoon)
Your ramen.
It comes with a convenient carrier to make sure you don\'t burn yourself between the machine and the table)
-You had a great meal.
$10 per bowl.
99 plus tax, to be clear, we\'re not talking about your low
There are packed ramen noodles here. The Yo-
Kai Express ramen products will be expanded from the original two in the near future (
Next Article: black garlic noodles)
Has been supervised by Michelin.
According to the delicious dining table, star sushi bar chef, using fresh ingredients and real house
Ramen made
Unfortunately, the early reviews were not brilliant: a food writer at the San Francisco Chronicle claimed that the vending machine ramen was \"not bad,\" and one of SFGATE\'s writers called it \"very mediocre \".
\"But hey guys, this is the ramen on the vending machine!
It is expected that adjustments should be made accordingly.
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