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north korea declares machine a national hero

by:QY Precision      2019-10-15
Who says the hero of a country must be human?
North Korea recently reversed the trend by awarding some of the highest honors and titles for a low-level machine tool.
The official news service of this authoritarian Communist country announced
26 \"won the title of\" Korean Labor Hero (
Democratic People\'s Republic of Korea)
And \"The first category of the Flag Order \".
The strange news released on October.
4 found and made public in a Gawker post.
However, the machinery of the Pyongyang Textile Machinery Factory has made great achievements in winning the highest honor.
For more than half a century, it has been transformed into computer numerical control (CNC)
The machine is part of the modernization drive, operated by former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il himself.
A quick visit to Wikipedia shows that the \"Labor hero\" honor was previously the highest civilian award, while the \"Flag Medal\" was the highest medal in the country.
But it is clear that this machine tool does not show its complete dedication to the philosophy of the subject of North Korea, which may give it the ultimate honor --
Kim\'s order-Sung (
Named after Kim Jong Il.
Kim Jong Il\'s father and current grandfather
Japanese leader Kim Jong UnUn).
It\'s a safe bet for the United StatesS.
Soon, awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a 3D printer will not follow suit.
But don\'t rule out the possibility that robots will one day win some serious medals on the battlefield-the United StatesS.
The soldiers have given their robot purple hearts because they are \"injured\" in combat, promotions and even military funerals \".
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