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\'nobody has that much money\': one sinking city\'s fight against rising sea levels

by:QY Precision      2019-09-29
Anne Hackett, 20, looks at the water less than 20 metres from the playground of her standing Erckenbrack Park.
She lives in Foster, California.
San Francisco is a planned suburb of about 30,000 people, built along a series of canals and waterways southeast of San Francisco.
Hackett believes in climate science and has heard how far-reaching sea level rise will have on the San Francisco Bay area.
More often than not, she did not want to admit that she imagined the waves slapping greedily in her front porch.
\"My house is only a few feet away from the water,\" says Hackett . \".
\"So if my street is flooded.
Cristina Dahl walks through a beach surrounded by one of the many lagoons in Foster City, looking at the house a few meters away from the coastline.
She will not guess how many families are in danger of severe flooding.
But she agrees: it\'s a good thing that many homeowners have boats.
The research alliance of relevant scientists compared the United States
According to the latest real estate data provided by Zillow, the latest US government Sea level rise forecast.
These figures show that there are more families in the United States. S.
The risk of multiple floods is greater than predicted.
Thirty years later, a former NASA scientist wanted him to be wrong on climate change. Trump issued an executive order to revoke Obama\'s climate change policy. We found that in 30 years, that is, the life of today\'s mortgage, more than 300,000 families are at risk of long-term flooding.
\"By the end of this century, we have found more than 2.
5 million commercial and residential properties with long-term risk of flooding.
Today\'s valuation is more than trillion dollars.
\"Many of the risks faced by coastal properties have not yet been reflected in the current real estate market,\" Dahl said . \".
\"People think this is a problem that will affect them later in the century, but our work shows that this frequent flood will affect people and property earlier.
\"Many people in the city of Foster are taking this threat seriously because the land built by their city is not only rising at sea level, but is slowly sinking into the ocean.
Standing on the stone roof of a large embankment, protecting many of Foster\'s cities from the sea, monneda said that water levels sometimes rise enough to splash a few meters away on the big banks and trails.
Monedasays said: \"The more the waves may lead to future flooding . \"
\"These measurements actually show that the sea level rise curve starts over time and then rises over time.
\"Florida bans state agencies from using \'climate change\', and reports what the waterfront in Vancouver should look like in 30 years?
In a recent primary election, Nova Scotia sought public opinion on legislation to protect the coastline in response to threats. The city has put forward a voting measure: an increase in property taxes worth $90 million to increase the flood embankment by 2 m.
Residents of Foster cities voted for more than 80 points.
\"If sea level rises earlier than 2050, then we have to evaluate and propose solutions before that,\" Monedasays said . \". Larger-
Scale infrastructure improvements that may be required-
Not only locally, but also in all coastal communities, there are bridges and highways --
Billions to spend.
Dahl said that in the long run, it would be much cheaper for the federal government to spend on disaster prevention rather than disaster relief
\"So we\'re not just rebuilding after a disaster, we\'re still thinking about the future.
The longer we wait, the harder the problem will be.
\"There are two clear options,\" Dahl said.
As they did in the city of Foster, fight against sea buildings, or retreat.
People living in foster cities like Howard Hertz are asking themselves: How high is it if you build it?
How far are you?
The goal of more than 20 countries is to strengthen the climate goals by 2020, \"I think these goals are the real problems that must be solved in the next few hundred years, otherwise we will stand on my neck, said Hertz.
\"Wishful thinking cannot improve risk.
\"I don\'t feel like our president and the Republican-controlled Congress are more concerned than they are today,\" Hertz said . \".
\"I do not see any organization or even the government being able to pay for the remedy if it is allowed to happen.
No one has that much money.
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