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nicole kidman and tom cruise’s kids connor and isabella step up in scientology

by:QY Precision      2019-08-24
Scientology is one of the most mysterious and controversial religious organizations in the world. From the L.
Ron Hubbard, their faith, we have covered you.
Three weeks ago, Tom Cruise\'s daughter, Isabella, sent a message to the followers of Scientology.
\"This is what I have been looking.
The lost one.
All of a sudden, everything becomes meaningful.
The New York Post reported that in a post in a church newsletter, 28-year-
The old people were enthusiastic about her new role as an auditor in religion.
It means she interviews other members and lets them talk about their shortcomings and the deepest secrets.
Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise and their children Connor and Isabella were in 1996.
Image: Supplier Source: News Co. , Ltd. her statement sent \"a message to the general public, celebrities are doing their part,\" Battlefield Science School: exposing L.
Dangerous religion of Ron Hubbard
It also shows that the kids on the cruise ship are ready to step into the spotlight after years of low profile.
According to insiders, Isabella, 26, and her brother Connor are not just members of the Church --
They are the promoters of it.
As the New York Post recently reported, Cruise is considered a \"God\" in religion \".
But for the past decade, the actor has been silent about his 30-year belief.
In 2008, after an interview with Oprah, he was publicly ridiculed, turned into a presentation session of the Scientology, and produced a promotional video for the church, shows the actor talking about \"transforming criminals to bring a culture of peace and unity. ”(
A cruise line representative did not respond to requests for comment. )
Nicole and Tom\'s daughter by Isabella?
Image: InstagramSource: InstagramConnor Cruise says he and his mom are \"reliable \".
Image Source: Getty Images, but that does not mean that the child he adopted with his second wife, Nicole Kidman, cannot pick up the banner.
In fact, after years of being called the heartbreaking person of Scientology, Connor is said to be dating a new star of the church.
Silvia Zanchi is a 26-year-
An old man from Italy works at the group\'s Belleair mission near Clearwater, Florida, where it is the power base of Scientology.
She also belongs to the sandaki family and is said to be a prolific recruiter.
\"Sylvia is very cute, lively, and very good with Scientology,\" said Mary Kahn, a former church member who has been involved in the same mission project as Zanche. Connor Cruise.
Picture: Supplier Source: supplier manager cruises in the United States.
Image: InstagramSource: according to the supply of the church literature, Zanchi has completed the preparatory work to study the mysterious OT of the church or to operate tan.
Ortega says the kids on the cruise ship are getting more religious.
It is said that this is through 20-
Decline in membership-
Send a powerful message.
\"Listing in this way has increased support for [the cruise family]
Leader of science
Ortega explained.
\"Miscavige needs to support Scientology.
The voyage set an example, a huge example of his support for wealthy donors.
Cruise was introduced to the church by his first wife actress Mimi Rogers in her 1980 s, and her father ranked first among the original members.
Cruise himself claims L. , founder of Scientology.
Ron Hubbard led him through his childhood reading difficulties.
This is one of the things that help him become a true believer.
The year before Nicole Kidman broke up with Tom Cruise
Image Source: News Co. Ltd. broke up with Rogers in 1990, and after marrying Nicole Kidman in the same year, she started taking classes at the church.
But when the couple adopted Isabella in 1992 and Connor in 1995, their families were far from Scientology.
On 1997, Kidman told The Sydney Morning Herald, \"I\'m not going to classify myself as a Scientologist, but my husband is.
\"At some point he started his dedication again, and she didn\'t.
The two divorced in 2001. “The (custody)
\"The agreement is 50/50,\" Ortega said . \".
\"Nicole went to Australia and Tom lived in Australia. California)with the kids.
He trained them to become Scientologists. they have always been powerful Scientologists.
Cruise Isabella and Connor on 2006.
Conor and Isabella have reportedly been estranged from their adoptive mother for a long time.
In actress Leah Remi\'s memoir, trouble maker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, the former church member recalled attending Cruise\'s 2006 wedding with Katie Holmes, and
\"Our mom is an f * king SP,\" Isabella told Remini . \".
The church leader called Kidman a \"represser\", meaning she did not support Scientology and members were banned from communicating with her.
However, Connor said on Women\'s Day in 2014 that even if they were not together, he still had a relationship with his mother.
\"I love my mother,\" he said . \"
\"I don\'t care what people say, I know my mom and I are reliable.
I love her very much.
My family means everything.
Yes, I like my music, but family is more important than everything else.
\"Growing up without Kidman\'s presence, Connor and Isabella spent a lot of time with other children in their religion.
Tom Cruise hugs his son Conor Anthony cruise.
Picture: AFPSource: the AFPOne former mountain shakers remember hanging out with Conner and other young church members in Los Angeles when they were teenagers.
\"He\'s a cool guy.
We are not allowed to discuss (
Parents of Connor)
He never mentioned it, \"said the former Scientologist, who joined the church with her family at the age of seven, but left last year.
\"Connor is always rich and we are all poor because we work for the Scientology.
We were happy when he went out with us because he was generous. ”Connor —
He used to be a DJ and is now a fishing guide.
It is said to live mainly in Florida.
According to Alan Smith, the insider
Levin, 38, who left the church in 2013, \"the local science community (there)
Like a big high school, Connor is a star athlete.
Everyone knows him and wants to go out with him.
Ass fishing boat.
Connor Cruise DJ
At the Sydney Good Life Festival at Randwick Racecourse.
Image: Supplier Source: InstagramIt thinks it makes sense for Connor to break up with Zanchi from Bergamo, Italy.
She is the rising star of the Scientology school, a member of the \"executive committee\" that provided the most training and auditing services in 2015, when competing with missions around the world for the annual LRH birthday game.
Although Connor recently denied any upcoming wedding on Twitter, \"she is exactly the one Tom wants Conor to marry,\" Kahn said . \".
In fact, the actor was discovered with the couple at Disney World in December.
The romantic news left a broken heart, Smith said. Levin.
\"A lot of girls have been rejected.
Young Science girls usually want to get close to Conor.
\"If there\'s a wedding
The attendance of Kidman \"will be banned \".
Neither Tom Cruise nor Nicole kiddon were invited to the wedding of Isabella and Max Parker.
Image: Supplier Source: neither parent of the supplier attended the wedding between Isabella and IT consultant Max Parker at the Dorchester Hotel in London on 2015.
Parker is reportedly not a member of the Church and the couple lives in a medium half
In London\'s monotonous Croydon district, a neighbor told The Sun that they had a \"certain reptile\" near the window \".
Isabella founded BKC, a fashion company representing Bella Kidman cruise, and gave up a T-
Her illustrated shirt in 2018.
As an auditor for the Scientology, she asked questions to participants and monitored their responses via emailmeter —
It\'s basically an original lie. detector. “A mild (electrical)
The current runs through your body and the Machine records the adjustment of resistance, which seems to be based on changes in thought and emotion, \"said Levin, who said he built some of these devices for the church.
Conor and his sister Isabella Cruise in London.
Image: InstagramSource: InstagramAccording, according to the former Scientologists, he has also gone through the process of becoming an auditor, and training usually includes courses of four to six months, between $30 and $30.
The former Shakhtar told the New York Post that Isabella\'s training could involve some nepotism.
Often, she said, auditors work in the center of Scientology and work regularly.
\"She is not among the staff,\" said the former Shakhtar . \" He asked for anonymity due to pending proceedings against the church.
\"I don\'t know why she went to the training. Maybe her dad (said)
She needs training.
I wouldn\'t be surprised either.
He is very enthusiastic and devoted.
Oltega told the New York Post, \"Tom is very proud of his daughter. ”(
A church spokesman told the New York Post that \"there is no need for someone to be in the staff to attend auditor training. ”)(L-R)
\"Sylvia Davis, Paul Slade Smith,\" said Charles Froman, a lot of factors, mom, Katie, backstage looking for Neverland in 2016.
Photo Source: Getty Images of Cruise\'s youngest child13-year-
It is reported that since Katie Holmes\'s mother rescued the girl from the Scientology in 2012, he had barely touched her, and that year she divorced Tom --
It is said that there is no real contact with the teaching of the church.
Although Holmes has never publicly stated why she left cruise, there is widespread speculation that this has to do with Suri, who is 6.
According to a church spokesman, \"the parents of the Scientology decide when to involve their children in the religion of their choice.
\"But 6 years old is the typical age when children start to be instilled in Scientology,\" Ortega said . \". “[Holmes]
Seeing what the big kids are going through, don\'t want Suri to go through this.
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