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Next generation of CNC adds productivity: Discher Millwork finds CNC machinery easier to implement the second time around. (Digital Woodworking).

by:QY Precision      2019-10-19
When WI kosh, WI-
Based on the decision to upgrade the machinery by Discher motortural Millwork, owner and president Bruce Discher discovered for the second time that it was much easier to integrate new CNC equipment.
Dischersays said the company started using CNC machines nearly a decade ago, making it one of the first wood products companies to use the technology.
The success at that time made CNC equipment a natural choice for upgrading.
\"We want to upgrade our panel saw and point-to-
Point machine 10 years ago, \"said Discher.
\"Technology has changed a lot during that time.
We also want to increase productivity by adding bar codes and other changes, such as installing upgraded pattern system software for the entire plant.
\"Conversion requires learning new machines and computer programs that connect software to machines.
\"There have been a lot of changes in a short period of time,\" said Discher . \".
\"We are learning to point machine using the new Holzma panel saw and Weeke, but we found that our staff were very happy with the equipment two weeks after installation.
\"Both devices were purchased from Stiles machinery.
Disher said he felt the shift could be suffocating because \"we know what to look for and how to get ready.
Because this is our second experience, we anticipate potential pitfalls.
In order to make a smooth transition to a new machine, we have organized what we need to do.
Careful coordination of the auxiliary system, such as the evaluation of the software consultant, Discher said
On the second day of the installation of the new machine, the website helps the company to start and run in the shortest possible time.
\"We are very excited about the productivity of the new system.
The bar code is very new when we buy the CNC machine for the first time.
Now, it\'s standard for most companies and we want to take advantage of the time it saves.
\"Discher estimates that new equipment and bar codes save him 30 to 40% on processing time.
\"With the old system, drilling mode must be entered manually.
Our upgrade is done automatically.
We scan the bar code and it automatically goes into the program that processes the part.
The operator can check the screen before running the program to make sure the program is completely correct.
The error was actually eliminated.
Discher says his company has just touched the surface of what the machine can do.
\"In addition to increasing productivity, this machine provides us with a new freedom to carry out custom touches that we have not tried before, and we think there is still a lot of potential to do so.
We have just finished a library that features a curved top with four veneer inlays on the end board.
We were able to radius the top and all corners and cut the inlay on point-to-point machines.
Labor savings is the real bonus here, says Discher.
Work, such as the cancer care center on page 72, has been done half the time when it is necessary to make fixtures and fixtures to complete the sametask.
Changing the mill of Fous Discher building was created by brothersMelvin in 1945 (Bruce\'s father)
And Gilbert Descher.
Although the fine wood furniture is a specialty, the two tried various types of furniture.
During the transportation shortage, the owner transported the cabinets by bicycle.
By the age of 70, the company decided to focus on construction and abandon general construction.
Today, the company employs 25 employees in the production field and 7 employees in the office.
The job is entirely commercial, and about 60 percent of business is made for healthcare facilities, says Discher.
\"We have done a lot of niche work,\" said Discher . \".
\"In the last five to six years, we have processed 10 county courts.
We also have corporate offices and educational facilities but no residents work.
\"Due to the custom nature of the business, the materials used for the work vary.
But Discher says they usually use plastic laminate, solid surface, hard wood and veneer.
The trees that are popular with customers include red oak, maple, cherry and exotic like anigre.
Recently, they have seen more and more metals as sound-enhancing materials.
\"For the reception area of the police station, we used various metals such as aluminum.
Now that we have a new Weeke pointto-
We found that we do more custom work on the machine because programming is very easy.
\"The ease of programming Discher says one of the biggest differences in using machines today is the ease of programming, and the ability to link systems, organize and control the work being done.
\"Barcodes are a faster way to do business.
We now have a lot of flexibility in what to do and when to do it.
We can change jobs very quickly or we can change jobs in a few minutes.
The ability to store patterns and other information in a controller is a huge asset.
\"Anyone who does a custom job appreciates a system that provides flexibility and ease of programming because you may only be doing one or two parts,\" says Discher . \".
Sometimes time, Discher added
Savings are amazing.
For a credit union job featuring a radius-based teller line, he wrote mechanical procedures for cutting the required arcs.
The Discher estimates that these machines have reduced the total time for this work by 200 to 300%.
\"In this type of work, you often come across unusual shapes, and we think our machine line provides us with the expertise we need to work correctly.
The production area is covered by a custom shop, case work department and a a30000-square-foot area.
In addition to the Holzma panel saw and Weeke BP100point-to-
Point Machines and machinery in the production area include straight-line ripple saw, AEM widebelt Sander, Delta 14-
Inch table saw, incremental shaping machine and radial arm saw, power planing machine, incremental connector and power connector.
The Altendorf F45 slide saw is described as the backbone of the custom department.
There is also a black brother in the lineup.
Gluing machine and pod press machine, Holzma HPP82 panel saw, IMA edgebander, tworter housing fixture and several Gannomat dotel inserts
Discher says he likes a feature of the latest Holzmapanel saw and Weeke BP100 point --to-
Machines are their gates. On-site diagnosis.
\"If there is a problem, technicians can help find it online.
They can go directly into the controller, find the problem and correct it from their computer.
They actually took over the screen on their website.
This can save a lot of time.
The latest increase in the cost of mechanical equipment is about $250,000, but they have seen some returns, says Discher.
\"The system quickly removes bottlenecks in our production space.
This machine is in line with our needs for custom case work, where subtle changes can be made to various parts and there is no normalization.
New panel see cuts12-
Not 11-foot panel
Foot boards like old machines.
But the real change is that we have windows.
Control programming to improve the flexibility of the machine.
Despite the slowdown, Discher says his company still has a huge backlog of jobs.
He added that he was satisfied with the changes in his store and was satisfied with his ability to easily integrate technology and flexibility into operations.
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\"My father is a great teacher and role model.
I became president in 1990. he retired from that day. to-
But he will travel regularly.
We have a good cooperative relationship.
\"I am now working on the technology and machines we can use, but he has a good track record of using modern methods.
He was the first person in the city of Oshkosh to buy the Skil saw, which is considered new --
The invention of the time.
When we decided to buy our first gebander about 15 years ago, we noticed that the business was changing.
Instead of seeing Wood and veneer, we saw an increase in the use of laminate and other materials.
Echbande gave my position to six people, who rubbed a door with their hands, which was tedious and time-consuming --
\"Get the job done,\" said Discher.
\"Our philosophy about the value of new technologies involves a lot of factors, but today, saving labor is the key.
\"In such a tight labor market, we seek machines to help us improve our productivity and do a good job,\" he added . \".
Owner and President Bruce Disher praised his father Melvin for instilling in him the value of the new technology.
Although Melvin retired from the Plecher factory in 1990, he still visited the company on a regular basis.
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