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new prosthetic limbs \'celebrate\' bodies, personalities instead of hiding lost limbs

by:QY Precision      2019-10-04
Stephanie Seck from CNN (CNN)
Most people have two legs.
Amy Mullins, 28
Mullins\'s 14 pairs of artificial limbs are more than just medical devices.
They are wearable sculptures, secret weapons, and passports to hug and show off things that make her face different-in fact she has no meat --and-
Blood legs under the knee
As a Georgetown student, Mullins was the first amputee to take part in the track and field competition in the NCAA First Division.
During the 1996 Paralympic Games, she broke the world record on three track and field events, took the show for Alexander McQueen and starred in avant-garde.
The movie Cremaster 3.
\"But she is also at the forefront of redefining the movement of the replacement limb-not replacing what is lost, but adding, is enhancing. The custom-
The design leg she broke the record was modeled on the hind legs of the cheetah and did not look like a human leg.
The piece she wore on the runway was beautifully carved wood.
In this movie, a pair looks like they are made of fresh-cultivated soil.
\"Hopefully now for more people, they have started celebrating their bodies and choosing their own identity,\" Mullins said . \".
\"They don\'t have to stay in places of doubt and uncertainty and feel like they are\" less.
\"According to statistics from the amputee alliance, nearly 2 million people in the United States have been amputees, a non-profit organization that serves people who have lost their limbs.
About 185,000 amputations are performed each year, and many of the removed limbs are replaced by artificial limbs.
A new generation of artificial limbs, especially lower limb limbs, means that amputees can revel in the label \"the person with awesome chrome legs\" instead of \"that disabled person with lost legs \".
While restoring body functions such as walking or standing, these limbs also provide the opportunity for amputees to personalize and match, just as fashionistas may change hair color or shoes, or athletes may change from hiking boots to running shoes.
They are meant to inspire a feeling of jealousy rather than pity.
For the most part of modern history, the prosthesis is used to mimic the shape and appearance of the lost limb.
In the last century, the installation of wood, ivory and steel gave way to rubber and a variety of plastics trying to replicate human skin tones and textures.
But many people don\'t look as real as transparent artificial robots and go deeper into the \"incredible Valley,\" a robotic term that describes humanoid robots as more scary than their full robotmetal cousins.
Now, advances in technology and new attitudes towards disability have led to a broader understanding of the appearance of prosthetic limbs.
On 1998, 36-year-old Peggy shenoway was crushed by a falling computer monitor, and his left foot and ankle were amputated.
For five years, when the doctor tried to restore the function of the foot, she experienced many surgeries, infections and pain.
The decision to amputate and replace it with a prosthetic limb is the toughest decision she has ever made, schenway said.
\"I was initially afraid of the pain from the actual surgery, and then I was afraid that I could not use the prosthesis,\" Chenoweth said . \".
\"I think I will eventually be a completely different person.
I thought the things I dreamed of in my life would never happen because I had no feet.
\"But chienweth and her 5-year-
Old son Robbie and husband Scott.
She went to rock climbing, took part in breast cancer running, and took part in all-around training.
She is an active blogger and social media manager who volunteers in her son\'s classroom.
Chenoweth has customized her running legs, and both she and her sister beat breast cancer when she is doing a breast cancer survivor run.
In the first few years after obtaining the artificial limb in 2003, Chenoweth always covers metal and plastic parts with a flexible cover that imitates the skin\'s appearance.
But her current tattoo is a metallic raindrops tattooed on a plastic socket-an expression that enhances her confidence in her physical image.
\"I \'ve been through a couple of years-it looks like another leg is very important to me,\" said Sinoway.
But \"it\'s not my other leg, it\'s okay.
I haven\'t returned the cosmetic cover yet.
\"Chenoweth also has a carbon fiber leg that she decorated with Christmas lights during the holidays.
Robbie likes to use stickers to make it feel personal.
\"People will look at it anyway, so I might as well make it an expression of who I am,\" said Chenoweth . \".
Customized innovation, a customized company, 3-
D. prosthetic printing panel called fairings is a company dedicated to promoting self-desireexpression.
Industrial designer Scott Samit founded the company in 2010.
The custom Expo-the panel produced by the company-is designed to remind people of a luxury concept car, or a pattern of sunlight shining through the leaves.
They can be made of polymer, ballistic nylon, leather or Chrome, and their shape restores some of the contours of the lost limb.
Summit said he saw a huge change in the way amputees saw themselves and their limbs before and after installing the ball.
\"We see a very introverted woman who suddenly becomes very outgoing in a larger world,\" Summit said . \".
\"When she had not previously announced to the world that she had been amputated, she began to wear skirts.
It is more like wearing beautiful Italian leather boots than the traditional artificial limbs with a pile of pipes and accessories and mechanical joints.
\"The custom fair looks luxurious, and now the price per panel is $4,000 to $6,000;
This is different from the price of the actual prosthesis, which is between $5,000 and $50,000.
Summit hopes that costs will fall as technology advances and costs fall.
So far, San Francisco-
American-based companies have produced about 100 exhibitions.
Athletes and models Mullins say no one will choose to lose their limbs, but it is vital how the world sees you in the future.
\"At this point, the character of identity is absolutely necessary-we absolutely have to choose our own character and make and remake,\" Mullins said . \".
\"I want everyone to give up the need to look like someone else and get liberated.
Can we build a new one?
CNN fan audience)
A company that also produces new exoskeletons (just google it)
For others who are inconvenienced?
Maybe a patient with a stroke, a person with pain (back, knees)
Or someone else to get around better.
Too many people may add a bunch of weight because they can\'t exercise.
Can we use our smartphones to take pictures of the patient\'s current motor ability and see what (exoskeleton)
Suit or bracket they may need.
It is then possible to produce bicycles, rear brackets or swimming equipment specially installed.
This will give people the opportunity to prepare for these projects.
You can use the swimming pool of the YMCA or other health centers to exercise.
Second, our baby boomers are rapidly aging. Many will fall.
Can these new sets or brackets keep people stable while walking?
In order for baby boomers to stay at home longer, can other parts or robotic products be developed?
Similarly, smartphones can take photos for the bathroom or kitchen;
Then develop a blueprint for the safety of the items for these areas.
I believe that if we all put our talents together, we can make such a plan.
Is there anything I\'m missing from this proposal?
Or is there something you can add or connect to make this concept a reality?
\"I never asked for this\", these are really cool.
Artificial limbs often mimic the limbs and eventually enter the \"incredible Valley \".
These are bold and stylish!
Don\'t mistake them for real limbs, that\'s the point!
I like these better.
They look like enhancements instead of a sad attempt to replace something lost.
This story is very inspiring.
People are always worried about what they look like and what others think of them.
The fact that she thinks amputations are a good thing is surprising.
Not only did she do what most people without amputations do, like running a marathon, but she actually did a great job on her mission.
In addition, these companies are also doing their best to make the prosthesis as attractive as possible, an important milestone.
Now that our technology is getting better and better, the outcome of life for amputees can be seen as a blessing, not a disaster. This is great.
What a wonderful concept this is.
This is the innovation and creativity that we need to focus on when we think about how to survive in this world market economy.
Very cool, in science fiction. fi movie.
I think customization will help people become more comfortable around amputees and see that people are people with or without limbs.
I have to reach out to these amputees: make the most of the unfortunate situation and enjoy life. Good for them.
They have no disability to stop them, which is good for them.
I hope they can afford ordinary people.
For most of us, $5,000 is a lot of money.
Our war heroes deserve a discount.
Hey government, do you want to spend money?
Spend it on our wounded warriors, not on your enemies. . .
A world country that is on the side of an enemy in a dangerous moment.
But thanks again for signing the cooperation agreement (
Again, with the enemy).
Better yet, don\'t spend our taxes on career benefits recipients and use the money to help injured veterans and their families.
Unlike the welfare crowd, soldiers are doing something for the country.
I don\'t want to tell you this, but a lot of our welfare recipients are veterans.
Just like many of our homeless people are veterans. Gorgeous parts.
There should be more options for amputees.
We live in the future!
Inspiring articles
That is to say, the brave young men and women who serve our country will never be able to afford it, which is a crying shame!
We have so many wounded soldiers/soldiers returning after losing their limbs by improvised explosive devices and general wars.
This is definitely a place to get a philanthropist/angel donor to help our children/men and women out of war.
Most soldiers are doing nothing financially & the VA is not taking care of them properly.
What a shame!
Angel donor, please help the wounded. God bless all.
Where do you know our veterans can\'t afford this?
Or is there no charity yet to help veterans return home?
If you want to help, it would be a good start to take some time to see what is already there.
Much better than making false assumptions and stereotypes.
She did say \"most soldiers\", so I don\'t see any assumptions, and apparently her heart is in the right place. . .
Why are you all trying to argue with people\'s good intentions? !
Give it a lady to rest! ! !
It\'s too annoying to read your review! ! ! !
Wow, that\'s great.
The video above details how the 21 st century prosthetic leg can give better quality of life to amputees veterans.
How will the 21 st century technology adapt to the 20 th century stump?
The prosthetic company operates the VA amputee wheel, and all va md\'s are kept.
Don\'t trust anyone when buying a new prosthesis.
The sad thing is that these things are so expensive that most people never dream of them.
In fact, I don\'t think most insurance companies pay for the normal prosthesis.
My mother had to come up with a loan to pay for a loan that was frequently used. Can\'t afford? ? ?
The woman whose legs look like raindrops said she spent an extra $200! ! !
Between $4,000 and $50,000, it\'s just this senior designer company.
It\'s like saying that a person who can\'t afford a Porsche can\'t afford a car. Yeesh.
If I had to have one, I would have one designed by Cybderdyne Systems. :)
I think anything people can do when it comes to artificial limbs helps society to accept.
When my stepbrother was six months old, his leg was amputated. since I met him, my mother thought we were him, just like the rest of us.
I hope that one day they can do the same thing with their hands and arms.
I have never been so jealous of amputees. .
Very artistic and interesting artificial limbs.
Due to the recent war in Iraq and Afghanistan, there should be a big market for art prosthetic limbs.
It is hoped that this equipment can be provided in a more affordable style for ordinary people.
Now I run about $18,000 per leg.
Insurance covers most of it, but I still pay hundreds of pounds.
After two to four years, they will wear out.
It\'s very crazy, not a lot of people think about it, but something that could happen to any of us at any time!
I\'m so excited that they decided to make this understanding! ?
A few years ago, my wife stopped wearing artificial limbs because of the incredible Valley.
\"Does anyone do this for the upper limb prosthesis?
So your wife would rather have no arms than be surprised? Derp. Um . . .
No arms, you know, look weird for others.
In addition, the upper body prosthesis is not so advanced.
There are these things called \"hands\" at the end of your arm that are more complicated than feet and ankles.
It is difficult to replace this function mechanically. So most upper-
Limb prosthetics are only meant to make other people less uncomfortable, but they can get in the way of people who wear them.
They are just big pieces tied to your chest that don\'t help you at all.
If I need an upper
Artificial limbs, I will also consider
Because I am more concerned about my comfort and ease of movement than making the people around me less uncomfortable. Yes.
Any design can also be added to the upper limb prosthesis.
I am a amputee who makes an arm for me.
I am doing all the customization myself and my hanger doctor is more than happy to work with my design.
These designs are just dyes cut off from 3d cnc machines. Thank you.
I was thinking of buying a sports knee brace for my father.
But now I will get your advice and it will be better for him.
The footstool in and out of the car is genius.
Thanks again for sharing.
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