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new machine allows couples to step into the shows of the other gender

by:QY Precision      2019-08-23
The Gender Swap experiment was set up by BeAnotherLab in Barcelona to allow people to experience the world through the eyes of another person.
Courtesy: BeAnotherLabGender mixer. . .
BeAnotherMachine allows you to enter the body of another person.
Source: The operation is expensive and permanent.
But a group of multimedia artists in Barcelona have developed a simpler way to experience life as an opposite sex using VR headsets.
In BeAnotherLab, users can sit downto-
Back to another participant, they all wore Oculus Rift devices to transmit videos that another person would normally see.
That is: A woman looks down and sees a man\'s body and vice versa.
Boys Who Like Boys to be girls. . .
BeAnotherMachine running.
Source: provide participants with a series of scheduled actions at the same time. \"To create (the)
\"Perception, both users must synchronize their actions,\" the developer said on their website . \".
\"If one person is inconsistent with the movement of another, the Avatar experience does not work.
This means that these two users must constantly agree on each action they do.
\"They call this device another machine that can be used in any case, not just between people of different genders.
The BeAnotherLab team stated that the goal of the project was to use it as a tool to \"help promote compassion among individuals with different social, cultural and ideological backgrounds \".
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