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New energy vehicle CNC machining order failed

by:QY Precision      2020-01-31
For CNC machining customization suppliers cooperating with car companies, can they quickly seize the market in the busy field of precision mechanical parts processing for new energy vehicles this year and 'lock up' their own market share of CNC lathe processing, in order to lay the 'first-mover advantage '. For CNC machining manufacturers betting on new energy vehicles, success or failure lies here. However, CNC machining customization suppliers want to win the new energy vehicle market, depending on the market orders of downstream customers. For all kinds of capital that is keen on building cars, can mass production be realized and a quick start in the market, so as to obtain 'living capital' and extend the 'lifeline' in the current shortage of money ', this is especially important for CNC lathe processing enterprises. Therefore, CNC machining customization suppliers and new energy vehicle companies are already a stranger on a rope, looking forward to a good result together. Under this circumstance, the sales performance of new energy vehicles is not satisfactory, and the orders for precision mechanical parts processing will not be good. In the case that the growth rate of the new energy market is not as good as expected, the future of CNC lathe processing enterprises will not be better, and they can only continue to wait for the enthusiasm of the industry.
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