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New business setup

by:QY Precision      2019-10-20
Hello everyone, the first post here looks like a great forum.
I made a machine called cnc Plasma Cutting table myself.
For automatic contour cutting of metal sheet.
I am thinking about selling products with fixed design and custom design.
These are sheet metal products, so the weight is not light.
I am in Melbourne, Australia and can see that I send these things to customers by express delivery.
I\'m not going to order overseas, haha.
As a newbie to online marketing, I think so.
Please feel free to shoot me down and tell me that I am wrong. I am here to learn.
Despite the charges, I guess Ebay should be a great way to start and sell fixed products at \"Buy Now\" prices.
In addition, the market has been established, which is a good channel for initial sales.
I need my own email, too. commerce store.
I \'ve been working on Shopify but don\'t know if the number of variants in the cart area is sufficient.
I need my client to be able to select several different areas such as size, color, material, thickness, etc and then calculate the price based on these variables.
They then need the ability to enter custom text and fonts.
The more I can automate this \"custom\" process, the better.
The next level is full customization, I put this together, a little bit, stick it together to give a full image.
This is my next idea.
I have used Xsitepro in the past.
I would like to know how practical/impractical it is to make another website with this software.
Its purpose is to show a lot of things (hundreds)
What are the possible examples of my services.
In this industry, a common saying is that the customer does not know what he/she wants before seeing it.
So I want to find a link from my emailcommerce site (like Shopify)
To my image display site (Xsitepro).
Is my thinking right?
I know Xsitepro is dead now (
Paul Smithson even closed the Forum! ! )
But, is there any harm in using it to build a static site for the above purpose? Cheers, Keith.
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