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nesting takes off: developments in software and cnc machining centers lead more woodworkers to implement nested-based manufacturing in their shops.

by:QY Precision      2019-12-10
Manufacturing based on CNC machining centers is popular in the furniture and cabinet manufacturing industry, which is largely due to more users
Friendly software. Sales of CNC (
Computer numerical control)
Routing machines for nested parts are increasing, especially to small and medium-sized
According to a representative of CNC router companies interviewed by wood and wood products, these companies are large in scale.
We sell three times more than nesting.
Point-based applicationsto-
Michael Cassell, manager of Holz-CNCproduct, said: \"point the machineHer U. S. \"Nested-
Based on the manufacturing industry is currently the most active part of the CNC market competition.
The difference is that these software.
Bill Blackmon of Delmac Machinery Group said: \"The sales of CNC routers are close to half of our total sales . \" The Delmac Machinery Group sells Busellato JET line.
When you think we only introduced the first nested
Five years ago, China\'s manufacturing system saw the same growth. \" \"(Nested-
Manufacturing based)
Has become an extremely important and important part of our North American machines . \"
Biesse now offers nine different models of CNC routers with nested designs, he said
Considering the manufacture-based, the table sizes range from 4 feet to 10 and feel as high as 5 feet to 21 feet. \"Nested-
Greg Hammersley, product manager for Greg ke at Stiles machinery, agreed: \"The manufactured-based product is not new, but it has now started . \".
He said nested.
The basic manufacturing industry is a huge and growing industry in the wood manufacturing market, which promotes the sales of cnc systems.
\"The key is software, which is much easier to use.
\"Nesting can save materials and money,\" said Ken sussusara, CEO of Thermwood . \"
It simplifies production, optimizes production and saves labor, he noted.
What is nesting? Nested-
The simple method based on manufacturing is to cut out all parts of a piece of furniture from a piece of paper (
Or stack in some cases)
Sheet, plastic, fiberglass, etc.
Once on the CNCrouter or machining center.
For wood products manufacturers, this means that the part is no longer required to be sized on the panel saw for further machining.
For some applications, it is more effective than cutting panels for individual parts using sawto-
If it\'s done right
Maximum Yield and efficiency requires cutting design, putting different parts together as much as possible, usually \"nesting\" of bending or cutting\"
Go out together.
In order to get the highest yield and the lowest waste in the nesting operation, a lot of experience is needed to find out the best way to arrange the parts on a piece of paper.
Michael Kowalczyk, general manager of Display I, said that an experienced operator can make every difference using efficient nested software. D. E. A.
Manufacturer of S, pointof-
Buy displays and other products located in Houston, Texas.
\"In a job that uses 35 pieces of material, you can spend a whole day on nest design, but still not as efficient as a computer.
However, Kowalcyzk pointed out that software programs designed into nested patterns often require some \"tweaking\" to fully meet the needs of individual users.
Nevertheless, he said it is crucial for manufacturers to find ways to save materials and labor to be more competitive.
\"Try to tell your customers that they have to pay for all the waste they generate without nesting and getting high production,\" said Kowalczyk . \".
In the past few years, nested software has become more and more easy to use.
Once, such a project was very expensive. -
Up to $20,000 or more-
And very demanding.
Terminal computer working.
Now you can run nested programs on office-
Standard PCs using Windows operating systems cost less than $5,000.
This makes nesting
Manufacturing based on CNC routers is a viable option for a wider range of manufacturers for several reasons: the software is now affordable for more businesses, it runs on computers that all businesses already have and know how to use.
\"There are more users of new software --
\"It\'s more friendly than before,\" says Cassell . \".
\"The latest version of Rolling Nest is very productive,\" added Kowalczyk . \".
He is the \"beta tester\" of the product and works with Thermwood to study the order of operation of the latest version, so that the CNC router can only do a cut along the material, instead of a round trip.
This progress has further increased productivity.
In addition to software, other advances make nesting
Manufacturing based on a CNC router or machining center is easier and more efficient.
For example, the new Weeke BHC 350 NB Optimat provided by Stiles Machinery in the United States has an operator group-
Up balance and LED guide show the operator the exact location of the bed material. Quick-
On the Routech R500 CNC cabling system of the US scm Group, the change position on the vacuum module, which holds the paper on the machine bed, can also be found.
The new Routech model is also equipped with Prism rails to ensure smooth movement and easier alignment.
Several equipment manufacturers are also adding operator groups-
Upswiance, quick-change Chuck and other innovations make it easier and more efficient for cncmachine to use.
These innovations make CNC routing a solution for more and more types of products and users.
Do you Nest for you? Nested-
Manufacturing can be
Stop the solution, but this is not necessarily the right solution for each wood product manufacturer. \"Nested-
\"If you use the right construction method, it makes sense to build based on manufacturing,\" says Sussusara . \". For knock-
Using a dado structure or tise-and-
Tenon, CNC wiring is the right solution.
However, manufacturers that use pins, Europe-style panel-
Saw structure or anything that needs edge drilling
The points system is recommended, he said. \"Nested-
The basic manufacturing using CNC machine is-
Step-by-step solutions for many kitchen, cabinet and furniture manufacturers, \"says Hammersley.
\"You don\'t need to have asaw, drill bits and routers so you can save capital costs, money and floor space.
\"Sexton describes typical users of a nested manufacturing company that has up to 19 employees and processes more than 15 perclay, produce residential and commercial cabinets, store fixtures, displays made of flat panel components of furniture or any other product.
But NBM is wrong, for anyone, \"to produce components in volume that consistently requires the ahook height on the beam saw to be two or more \".
\"It\'s not always the right solution for low-
Hammersley added.
\"He has to make an assessment based on the merits of each case.
\"Nested manufacturing with CNC router for sheet metal material without side drill or horizontal operation ---
Everything is vertical. \"Said Kowalczyk.
However, he believes that a company can process the CNC of new products with points-to-
Point system or panel saw, start new job on CNC machine while performing edge-
Drilling or other operations on another machine at the same time.
\"It depends on your volume and the number of parts in each piece you rebuild,\" he said . \".
Also, consider your own production needs.
The CNC machine has the highest speed, if your output needs to produce more paper per day than CNC, even with the most efficient settings
Then you should look at other automation solutions.
Several factors will help Nest growth, the vendor says
Manufacturing in the next few years.
They include: * This may be an efficient system for dado or mortiseand
* With more and more applications, manufacturers introduce a wider range of new CNC machine tools each year, including different bed types and productivity choices.
* Nested software is becoming easier to use--
Sometimes the cost of a CNC router or machining center is free.
Of course, it all depends on the overall economy.
Interest rates are low now and the property market is strong. -
Whether it is new house construction or home decoration.
All this has promoted the development of the kitchen and bathroom cabinet industry.
A booming market and advanced technology have added a lot of business before, and now it happens in nested-
Based on wood manufacturing.
W & WP sponsor nesting
Unit of work workshop for IWF 2004 Wood & Wood Products is sponsoring a technical workshop, \"the benefits and limitations of nesting and units --
\"At the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta.
The project will be held at 9. m. to 11 a. m.
Saturday, August.
At the Georgia World Convention Center auditorium.
The speakers included Andy wilzo, owner and president of premium eurocase Inc. of Denver, CO;
Keesmao, the industry of engineering project managerfor tiutopolis Stevens, Kim Jong Il.
Little Frank Stalin
Family kitchen in Fairfield CT.
Rich Christian son, editor director, W & WP, will be the host.
The plan will discuss how nesting and unit manufacturing concepts can be adopted to help wood products manufacturers to carry out running water operations, reduce material processing, improve process flow and increase productivity.
The distinguished panel of experts will discuss how their company can benefit and the limitations and requirements to maximize system efficiency.
For more information, please call IWF (770)246-
Visit 0608 or. iwf2004. com.
For nested routers and software sources, please see the 5 pedal guides or visitwww for the 2004 Redbook buyer. redbookonline.
Com gets a more complete list of sources.
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