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neighbour’s basic inquiry leads to a global business

by:QY Precision      2019-08-30
Clive White of Clive tech uses a TIG Brush at his EMU Highland plant to clean the stainless steel welds and restore the stainless steel surface/Picture: Ian SvegovicSource: when his neighbor yelled at him on the fence: \"Are you an engineer?
From these basic words
But a lot of time and heartache after
A company that won the major export awards in Australia was born, and now it has become a real global enterprise.
The neighbor\'s inquiry is basic.
He was wondering if Clive could develop a system to eliminate the discoloration that occurs when stainless steel is welded.
The neighbor\'s problem is imminent.
He signed a contract with McDonald\'s to supply the coin tray under the drive
Receive charitable donations through the window.
But McDonald\'s is not happy because of the discoloration of the weld.
\"It took us four years to solve this problem,\" Clive said . \".
\"At the beginning, it was an intellectual curiosity to see if we could solve the problem.
But like many inventions, it quickly became an obsession.
\"I ended up working at the gas station to maintain a break-even because there was a cash flow issue from time to time.
So I worked at a Shell service station on Saturday to keep my balance.
In 2004, they finally solved the problem, but cracks began to emerge in the partnership.
They have no money to develop the product.
The low point is when a partner fails to update their patents in the process because there is no necessary $20,000.
Clive White of Ensitech/Picture: Ian SvegovicSource: Clive of News Co. , Ltd. walked away and went back to repair the electronic equipment in the CNC machine.
A year later, Clive\'s partner, Frank, called to get him back.
He needs Clive to develop electronics for a prototype to see if their crazy idea of getting rid of stainless steel welding stains is actually doable.
They built 10 machines and handed them over to a local factory near penris for testing.
It\'s essentially a metal.
A brush charged and immersed in a solution.
They call it a TIG Brush.
Soon after, they began to receive an emergency call saying that the prototype had broken and the whole factory had stopped.
Clive and Frank did not know that their invention was very good and the prototype had become an integral part of the production system.
Clive decided to fill up the business. time.
There\'s still a problem.
First of all, he did not tell his wife.
For three months, she thought he was still repairing the money counter.
They still got married happily.
The second problem is patents.
Third, they don\'t have enough money to start production.
When Frank called the bank, they only had $5000.
He convinced Clive that they should spend all their money in the bank for display at 2009 National Manufacturing Exhibition in Darling Harbor.
\"We spent the last penny,\" Clive said.
But at the show, there is only one prototype with no price --tag (
Because they haven\'t solved the problem yet)
An amazing thing happened.
\"People just line up outside our booth and watch this thing work,\" Clive said . \". “One man cried.
Five minutes later, he said, we solved a problem that he spent 20 years studying.
Another man threw me his credit card.
\"From that show, their products received 200 customers and distributors.
Business began to grow from 2008.
In 2009, it moved into a factory in Penrith;
Exported to the UK in 2010;
In 2011, 12 distributors were set up overseas;
Sales in the Middle East began in 2012;
In 2013, they opened an office in the United States, as Clive said: \"In 2014, we tried to keep all of this together.
\"Ensitech received the Australian export award, the new state premier Export Award and the new State Chamber of Commerce award.
Clive White of Ensitech/Picture: Ian svigovic Source: News Unlimited
The idea of a TIG Brush may have been broken more than a dozen times before \"discovery.
But because Clive had determined that they had found something unique, they persisted.
Try your luck overseas.
Australia is a rich market for many products, but the real opportunity is outside our coast.
After losing the patent, Clive was forced to compete in foreign markets.
This allowed them to walk out of the comfort zone but also gave them a chance.
You must sell your products.
You may have the most creative invention in the world, but if no one knows, you will go bankrupt.
Clive and Frank were furious at a trade show and put all their chips down.
But it was an expert show, and the audience was obviously there.
Maybe if it\'s not their last $5000 . . . . . . It may be better suited to this strategy.
If possible, try to have a product or product suite that spans different industries.
In this way, your business will be more resilient if one of the industries goes down.
As Clive told you, \"Do not be discouraged if you want to open a day \".
In other words, be prepared to dream.
\"You\'re always told you\'re an idiot. But don’t (let)
If you really believe it, turn you off.
\"Try to keep control.
On one occasion, Clive\'s accountant encouraged him to let venture capitalists in, but insisted on getting a bank loan of $300,000.
He has won a lot of business awards, which means that he has control over business --
As long as he pays back the loan and interest
This is also in line with the model in which his bank is more supportive of small businesses.
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