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Need A Shave? Meet The New Entrepreneurs Of Grooming

by:QY Precision      2019-10-23
Grooming is an essential part of life, even for those of us who have a beard or beard.
Companies like Dollar Shave Club, Harry\'s and Dorco are offering men and women discounts for much-needed beauty tools, offering a way to reduce costs;
In particular, the appearance of men is also rising. Even old-style ‘wet-
These days, shaving has become the focus of some enthusiasts.
As the world of hair cutting and smelling gets richer, some hardworking entrepreneurs are designing products and starting businesses to meet the needs of consumers in terms of tools and supplies.
Here are a few: above the tie, not everyone is happy to deduct a few dollars from the cost of their razor\'s cartridge blade.
Some people come into contact with designs that go back to where our grandparents and great grandparents used to shave their hair physically --
Tools that use blades cost less than 20 cents per piece.
They are called safety razors: metal shaving tools, in various forms, that will last for generations if anyone cares.
In the upper layer of the safety razor producer, there is a small Tennessee --
Founded in 2011 by Stan Hickam.
Hikamal\'s clients are better off constantly reminding themselves that they are saving money in the long run, as his personal design costs $185 each, several times the average cost of his competitors.
Anyway, he moves about 500 units a month.
\"It\'s hard to make a cheap Lamborghini,\" he joked, working in radiology at a medical center in Tennessee.
The 55-year-old hikham began his journey in the world of shaving, buying antique Gillette razors built earlier in the last century, fixing them, and flipping them over Ebay
Along the way, he tried these designs and found what he thought to win the design features and began to design his own.
He thought of a stone.
Solid stainless steel shaving tool (
Most razors are made of cheap chrome-plated metal)
This provides several length handles and several levels of \"aggressive\" or blade exposure.
The mix-and-match system allows customers to choose the product that best suits them.
\"I want to do something that is more flexible,\" he said . \".
After connecting with the machine workshop using CNC-
Hikham introduced a computer-based product above his tie to help him design. His son-in-
Legal Matt Cole set up a website for him and today most of his merchandise is sold from this site.
He also transferred products through several wholesalers in the United States. S.
One in Canada and one in Europe.
\"Our total sales have basically doubled every year.
\"These increases are not driven by any marketing, because hikham relies on word of mouth instead of investing in these things.
\"I \'ve received a lot of comments from people who say, \'I want something made in America, something I want to be able to last.
\"For most people, atie cream is a practical mixture that exists in cans to keep the irritation associated with hair removal to a minimum.
For others, this is a luxurious and fragrant treat that is enjoyed regularly;
A simple self-therapypampering.
Chris Cullen, 37, has built a business that caters to the latter along with the bubble of his small company Etie;
The production of soap, men\'s perfume and shaving cream has been well received by hairdressers and theoretical enthusiasts. e. ‘shave nerds’ (
My phrase, not his).
His production is between 2,200 and 2,500.
His shaving cream is a Can per ounce per month for $20 per can and is sold in almost every new shipment.
Maximum sales are at least $44,000 a month.
Cullen\'s life begins with soap.
Making hobbies he started in late 2011 and is obsessed with mixing the best raw material recipes in his home kitchen in the Fork River, New Jersey to make unique products.
\"I \'ve always been a geek,\" Karen said with a smile . \".
\"Chemistry classes are always interesting in high school.
In order to fund his hobbies, he founded aties\'s Bubbles (
Named after him for seven years. old daughter)
Sell his work and pay for the production of the new work.
Cullen\'s deputy project became his main focus in 2013 and after a decade he was fired by Sears as retail manager
Worked in the company for a long time.
\"My job disappeared, and in two weeks I went from being recognized as one of the best jobs in the company to applying for unemployment.
He therefore decided that he must make the economic bubble his main source of income;
In early 2014, he turned his kitchen and home into a factory and built his own shop online.
\"I decided at the time that I didn\'t want to give the future of my family to anyone.
\"Karen began to focus on his shaving cream because he knew the products would be sold and billed.
He is also very, very good at making them, combining the right amount of space acid, coconut oil, water, glycerin and other materials.
\"I \'ve been working on how to make shaving soap because there\'s nothing that can tell you how to do the process,\" Karen said . \".
\"Any soap manufacturer who has found this has found it on its own, as it is a closely guarded secret.
\"Karen\'s shaving cream is very smooth, reasonably priced and very fast to clean.
On Saturday morning, unique perfumes such as Irish coffee are available (
Smells like a fruit circle)
, And Quatre % Vingt (
Smells like marijuana)
There are also some more traditional scents.
His most popular cream is Le Piment de la Vie, which means \"spice of life\" and he has also posted a series of postsshave balms (alcohol-
Karen\'s most ardent fan is a group of men who like to shave;
Try different razors, soaps and perfumes and discuss with each other online.
The popularity of the dote bubble among these consumers makes advertising a sensitive thing.
\"Gentlemen who make up this community don\'t like to be sold,\" Karen said . \".
\". . . They know what they like, they know what they want, they have the ability to make their own decisions.
\"Now that Karen has turned his restaurant into a lab, the garage into a production and storage area, he is looking to increase production to meet the growing demand.
\"I \'ve been looking for retail or business locations nearby.
\"He has also adopted a more fashionable new packaging design and created a new smell.
\"Once I was able to get a bigger facility, I was planning to work with the ATF to get my professional alcohol license so I could drink --
Based on shaving and some small nichestyle perfumes.
The white whale shaving company, zac Wertz, is technically an unemployed lawyer.
He\'s 29 years old.
An old entrepreneur who is starting a company to sell a unique razor of his own design that combines the functionality of modern shaving tools with the low cost of old blades
Many of our grandfathers used timey safety razors.
When new products are accepted by customers or investors, they begin to become important, preferably both.
Woz and one of his.
Whale shaving Co. , Ltd. man enterprise
Raised money on Kickstarter and made $195,000 in the $100,000 event in November.
Woz, a native of Ohio, developed the concept while studying for the bar exam, which will be at the heart of his company.
Convert from an ordinary cartridge razor to an ancient safety razor with an expensive blade and its double
He understands that the only real difference is the way the razor head is tilted towards the face profile.
\"Why does no one make this easy? ” he said.
\"Just add a rotating neck and I won\'t have the same concentration and accuracy, need a pairedge.
\"Wertz has drawn some designs for a new shaver that can accommodate ultra-high performance
Cheap blade, then hit a wooden prototype in his old high-school woodworking shop.
\"I don\'t think I can really develop this myself, I need to find someone with design experience to complete this design.
\"Wertz has connected with several design companies, each providing a prototype that brings him closer to the final product in a year, he solved the problem with a priority design in Columbus, Ohio.
The final version is certainly modern, but its sturdy stainless steel construction and vintage blades evoke memories of the past generation.
\"I want to produce the products in the past way;
Let them continue to use. \"Said Wertz.
He also wanted to show the shavers that his beauty tools saved the cost of the blade and made the $ shaving club envious.
It will have-
Wertz plans to charge $150 for his creation.
Whale\'s Kickstarter campaign allows Wertz to make final adjustments to his design and tools to produce products first wholesale to supporters.
The search is in progress to find the components needed for production, and Wertz is optimistic that he will install the tools this summer and ship them for the first time in winter.
\"For the past six months, we \'ve been working in the dark to perfect this razor and give it the best display,\" Wertz said . \".
\"So when people finally try this approach, they can really see that a single edge is better than multiple blades.
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