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nascar team owner haas gets 2 years in prison for tax fraud

by:QY Precision      2019-09-07
Los angeles-On Monday, a NASCAR team owner admitted to cheating the government on more than $34 million and was sentenced to two years in federal prison (all figures U. S. )in taxes.
Jean Haas, 54year-
Old owner of Oxnard
Haas CNC Racing, based in Haas Automation and NASCAR, was ordered to start working in January. 14, the U. S.
The prosecutor\'s office said.
Haas acknowledged a felony conspiracy charge in August for plotting a plan to list false expenses that may have been written off as commercial costs and saving Haas Automation millions of taxes.
The company produces computer machine tools.
As part of the plea agreement, Haas paid a fine of $5 million plus $70 million in taxes and interest. \"Mr.
Haas is now paying more than twice as much tax to the government as he is trying to avoid . \"S.
Lawyer Thomas P.
O\'Brien said in a statement.
\"This huge fine, and two.
One year\'s sentence should reassure the law
\"Law-abiding citizens believe that tax evasion can and will be eradicated and will have a significant impact on those who are trying to deceive the government,\" he said . \".
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