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nascar owner gene haas granted f1 license

by:QY Precision      2019-11-03
Gene Haas, owner of the NASCAR team, said on Friday that he had obtained permission from the f1 governing body to launch the U. S. -
Maybe it will start as early as next season.
Haas received documents from the FIA on Thursday, which confirmed that the application had been approved.
\"If he wants, he can play next season,\" FIA spokesman Matteo boniani said . \".
The last attempt of the US f1 team was in 2010, but the competition lacked funds and development.
Money is not expected to be a deep problem.
CNC Haas is the owner of CNC machine manufacturer Haas Automation and wind shear wind tunnel in North Carolina. Haas co-
Have a NASCAR team with Tony Stewart to provide cars for drivers Stewart, Kevin Harvik, Danica Patrick and Kurt Busch.
Haas himself pays for Busch.
\"It is clear that we are very pleased to have been granted the f1 license by the FIA.
\"It\'s an exciting moment for me, Haas Automation and anyone who wants to see the US team back in f1,\" Haas said in a statement . \".
F1 chief driver Bernie ekleston said at the Bahrain Grand Prix last weekend that the United StatesS. -
Haas\'s team is likely to join the series next season.
It\'s official now.
\"Now, the real hard work has begun.
\"This is the challenge we face when we try to put our cars into the grid,\" Haas said . \". Haas NASCAR co-
Owner Tony Stewart is happy for his partner and for the potential F-
1 shop on campus of the project.
\"It\'s a cool deal,\" Stewart said . \".
\"No one can go and get one of them, so he has to go through the approval process and get it approved, and I\'m happy for him.
Stewart said he would not take part in the adventure. The last U. S. -
Team Parnelli Jones, based in 1974
When Mario andreti was driving
The FIA approved the qualification of an American team in 2009. the USF1 team —
But it failed to enter the grid in 2010. Carl Haas (
Not related to genes)
Teddy Mayer sent an American team on 1985 and 1986, although they were based in London.
IndyCar in Long Beach, California
The driver wants to know if the United StatesS. -
Based on what the team will actually achieve.
\"So far, there is no great record, these are the data points we have to give up,\" James Hinchcliffe said . \".
But his teammates believe that Haas will succeed.
\"With Gene Haas buying the team, I want to say this is the most likely opportunity to happen in the end,\" Ryan Hunter said . \"Reay.
When asked if there was an interest in driving for Haas in Formula 1 in the paddock, Carlos Munoz, who is usually reserved, immediately cheered up.
\"I will,\" said the Colombian . \"
\"I would love to do that.
Haas set up his NASCAR team in Annapolis, New York. C. , in 2002.
Seven years later, he brought Stewart.
The role of the owner brings legitimacy to the team and helps the car enter the victory lane.
Stewart has delivered.
Haas also operates wind scissors, one of the most complex wind tunnels in the world to test car aerodynamics, which will help any new F1 entry.
He said that Haas Automation, one of the world\'s largest machine tool manufacturers, currently has annual sales of $1 billion, and he believes that entering Formula One can help him double that number.
\"We don\'t want to sell machines alone.
\"As a company, we are trying to make people aware of Haas Automation,\" he said . \".
He added: \"We just want to raise our awareness that f1 is more important because half of our sales are abroad.
So we think Formula One will be a very good way for us to raise awareness and increase sales.
\"His team will be in North Carolina next to the existing NASCAR store.
\"We want to be an American team.
\"We think this is the most popular,\" Haas said in January . \".
Associated Press motorist Jenna Fryer and Associated Press Sports Writer Jerome pugmer, Jim vitonuo and Matthias Cullen contributed to the report.
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