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nascar\'s kurt busch says haas serious about venture into f1

by:QY Precision      2019-09-12
Austin, Texas-NASCAR driver Kurt Busch said team owner Gene Haas took the issue of entering f1 seriously, a move that could expand the series\'s footprint in the United StatesS.
\"It will be an incredible challenge.
He knows that, \"Busch said in a motorcycle race in Texas on Sunday.
\"It\'s a problem for fans to support genes and try to give F1 another chance,\" he said . \".
\"We had Michael andreti before he became his father.
Our driver is Scott Speed.
Now we have one. American)owner.
It will be interesting to see how the driver lineup is formed.
Haas announced on Friday that he has obtained permission from the f1 governing body to start a team as early as 2015, which will be the first in the United StatesS.
Enter the series in decades.
At the age of 35, Busch said he would not compete in Formula Haas Racing.
\"The time has passed for me to be a F1 driver,\" Busch said . \".
\"But test sessions?
I have to jump every time.
They had a hard time keeping me out of the store and not letting me go out to play.
\"The last attempt of the US f1 team was in 2010, but the competition lacked funds and development. The last U. S. -
Team Parnelli Jones, based in 1974
When Mario andreti was drivingCarl Haas (
Not related to genes)
Teddy Mayer sent an American team on 1985 and 1986, although they were based in London.
Money is not expected to be a deep problem.
Haas Automation, CNC machine tool manufacturer, and Haas, owner of the wind shear wind tunnel in North Carolina.
\"He is serious,\" said Busch . \"
\"You just don\'t drop $40 million in the wind tunnel, and don\'t think you\'re serious about racing.
\"Haas is determined to build his business brand overseas and see f1 as the key,\" said Busch.
Busch said he recently visited Haas manufacturing and saw the company ship machines to Malaysia, Sweden and Argentina.
\"They\'re going to run around,\" Busch said . \"
\"F1 is the footprint to promote and create a brand in racing.
What you do in F1 is not ranked higher.
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