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nasa\'s high altitude wb-57 program requires a high performance cnc machine shop

by:QY Precision      2019-09-11
NASA high altitude WB-
57 The research program is an important part of the space shuttle mission.
It provides valuable information for climate and high atmospheric research. Since the WB-
The 57 aircraft was originally built in the 1950s and is now out of service and NASA uses the CNC machine store for repair, maintenance and upgrade services.
WB-high altitude research
57 was originally designed as a high-altitude jet bomber and reconnaissance aircraft during the Korean War in 1950s.
The last two surviving WB-
57 s is now used for high altitude research and can reach a ceiling height of 70,000 feet m.
This enables the aircraft to monitor the flight of the space shuttle, to study cosmic radiation, to collect climate data and to analyze high atmospheric conditions.
These are just some of the activities that these aircraft can carry out when studying at altitude.
As these tasks occur at 70,000 feet, WB-
57 programs require high-precision, reliable CNC machine workshops for manufacture, service and repair.
At that height, the atmosphere is very thin and there is only one pound of atmospheric pressure.
All of NASA\'s CNC Machine Workshop work must comply with a strict set of standards and specifications to avoid failure at a height without margin of error.
Water jet cutting technology for the high precision CNC Machine Tool Workshop work required by NASA, they look forward to contractors with water jet cutting technology.
By using a high-pressure water spray at a pressure of 50,000 to 100,000 pounds per square inch, this technique can process the material without causing thermal deformation or warping of the workpiece cutting axis.
Since water jet cutting does not generate heat, there is no need for a solvent that will pollute the finished product or produce toxic waste.
In addition, the water jet is compatible with many materials, from hard metals and ceramics to glass, rubber and a variety of plastics.
For precise work and minimal waste of material, the water jet can also control the width within a few microns.
Every industrial part of the certified CNC machine store that enters the nasawb s WB 57 aircraft must be precise because there is no margin of error.
That\'s why NASA only uses ISO-certified federal government contractors and stores.
NASA\'s history of using high-precision CNC machine store contractors has brought a 50-year-old aircraft design to this day and provided the agency with valuable research to date.
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