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mv agusta unveils new lewis hamilton edition brutale 800 rr

by:QY Precision      2019-09-15
MV Hamilton sta has launched the new Lewis Hamilton edition Brutale 800 RRMV Agusta with many limited edition models.
Whether it\'s one of the MV\'s extensive RC series, the latest Brutale 800 America, the Pirelli limited edition model, or the F3 800 AMG-
Just a few-
Italian brands often produce limited bicycles as a means to make already elite products more prestigious.
The latest special edition of the company is the 2018 Lewis Hamilton edition Brutale 800 RR, which is very stylish.
The latest Hamilton version of MV marks the third model that OEM has released in partnership with British f1 racing, following the limited edition Dragster 800 RR LH44 and F4 LH44.
Mercedes AMG had previously held a stake in the company.
But then gave up control of it.
It\'s interesting because Hamilton is currently driving a Mercedes-Benz petrpetrf1 car, which shows that the MV and Mercedes-Benz AMG still seem to be in good shape despite the end of the arrangement.
The MV will produce 144 units of the new limited edition Brutale, which is recognized for the Hamilton racing number (44)
This can be seen on the radiator housing of the bike.
Like expectations for the limited edition MV agustamammodel, the new Hamilton version machine has a range of top shelf accessories, such as the oil box cover, oil refueling cover, Clutch Cover, AC generator protection for all CNC machining units.
Liquid storage tank covers, brakes and clutch rods are made from light CNC machining
Weight alloy billet.
The new LH Brutale also has a large amount of carbon fiber and other special hot materials and functions
Ceramic resistantbased coatings.
It is reported that the black and red uniforms of this model are the products of the Hamilton and MV design team.
Nevertheless, the performance specification is the same as the standard Brutale 800 RR
Besides stunt accessories-
There are several different stock parts such as black exhaust.
Each of the 144 vehicles sold will be accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity that matches the bicycle production number printed on the carbon fiber head lampshade.
Production is reported to begin in the summer of 2018.
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