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more from milan: high design gets crafty

by:QY Precision      2019-10-03
As the original design is eliminated at a faster and faster pace, it is interesting to see the furniture created in the appearance of the craft ---
Something that might drive the car very low.
Cost copywriting, or at least keep them slow. At an off-
At the on-site opening ceremony held in conjunction with 2010 Milan Furniture Fair, Established & Sons presented Bertjan Pot\'s new jump chair, as shown in the picture above.
Using traditional wooden frames and bent steel legs, the designer skipped the traditional interior decoration and instead summoned a knitting machine to basically make a sweater for the chair.
The knitting is washed tighter and stronger, and then slipped on the frame;
The button under the seat keeps the fabric in place.
On the other side of the town of Zona Tortona, the \"Hidden Heroes\" exhibition of young designers includes the cocktail table of Ifeanyi Oganwu, and the right picture seems to be handmadehoned marble.
This part is actually created by computer digital control, which is known as CNC machine. And in the two-
The story showroom of the Italian B & B, almost the entire top floor was handed over to Patricia uquila\'s new curved sofa and Footpad, as shown in the following figure.
The delightful quirky shape is a bit like the floating ice carved into a minimalist Slate: The width of the back of the sofa is different, the top surface is so choppy that the eyes can see the changes in the terrain, but can\'t see your back or back.
To be sure, it is comfortable.
High seam
Complete the appearance of contrast colors--
Weird, cool, hands-oncrafted.
This is the bend of Urquiola. above, the right side is not very bright white.
Note how a corner of the footpad pops up, just a little bit. --
Craig NakanoPhoto credits from top: Craig Nakano, Expand Design, B & B, Italy.
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