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Mobile phone CNC machining customization demand is under pressure, affecting Japanese CNC lathe machining

by:QY Precision      2020-02-04
The CNC machining customization service provided by Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers has promoted the prosperity of global smart phones. Whether it's Apple in the United States, Samsung in South Korea or even domestic brands, they all rely on CNC precision machining services in Shenzhen. In recent years, Apple's sales terminals have declined, and CNC machining orders have been weak, which has also affected the upstream CNC lathe processing enterprises. Japan's CNC lathe processing enterprises, there are many Shenzhen CNC processing manufacturers are their customers. From metal sheet metal processing, CNC stainless steel processing, CNC aluminum products processing to CNC copper products processing, the demand in the field of smart phones is generally declining. There are also Japanese CNC lathe processing companies that say that in the medium and long term, there will be certain demand in the future to deal with the new generation of communication spec '5G. Japan's CNC lathe processing enterprises are still promoting functional upgrading and improving efficiency, thus arousing demand. Toshiba precision mechanical parts processing will double the processing capacity of CNC lathes used to process smart phones and camera lens molds for auto-driving. Fanaco will also launch new CNC lathe processing products in 2019, and plans to restructure the servo motor parts processing plant to increase the production capacity by up to 20%. Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers purchase CNC lathes for Japan to peak in 2017. Due to the update of production lines for smartphones such as Apple's 'iPhone', Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers and others have purchased a large number of machine tools. The automation investment of China's CNC machining customization enterprises also constitutes a favorable factor, with orders reaching the highest level of the year. On the other hand, after 2018, the demand for intelligent hand CNC machining customization has decreased. Sino-US trade friction has led to a decline in the demand for CNC precision machining in automobiles and other fields. The amount of foreign demand orders that have been pulling Japan's CNC lathe processing enterprises turned negative year-on-year growth in October.
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