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mit spin-out robot rebuilt wants to give robotic hands a better sense of touch

by:QY Precision      2019-08-23
His startup, robot reconstruction, is touring Boston venture capital.
The new robot Tactico is based on the work of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, by iRobot co-
Now we are rethinking the founder of the robot. Torres-
Jia LA, an assistant professor at Worcester Polytechnic, said he was \"inspired by the ridge on the human finger \".
We want to make a robot hand that can imitate this situation and achieve the same sensitivity that our hands have.
While Tactico will have a camera to help it \"see\" the objects in front of it, it will use the water
The color mat on the finger can find the edge of the object, which is the way humans use their fingers when groping for the alarm clock on the bedside table in the dark.
Each pad has a sensor inside it that detects the force and understands which direction the force comes from.
Torres said:
Jara enables Tactico to pick up anything from eggs, wine glasses, to paper cartridges.
An application, he says, is to move around when the CNC machine forms a prototype part.
Another method is to move liquid samples in the laboratory.
Fernando Torres: \"Now, the doctor is dealing with their experiment at three o\'clock A. M . \"Jara says.
\"Our robots can do that.
\"The reconstructed robot is negotiating a technology license with MIT and Torres
He may live in Cambridge, said Jara.
\"We started with our hands, but we are also trying to build an arm,\" he said . \". Videos below. . .
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