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mini lathe machine for woodworking

by:QY Precision      2019-08-27
Hi Makers, we have been interested in the self made micro lathe project for some time.
If you want to do small work and make yourself happy, this mini lathe is for you.
Some of you will remember the CNC machines we have done before.
You can view this link above the structure or video.
I watched it 40 times.
We are very happy.
Thank you for all your good words and wishes.
We received very good feedback from our valuable followers about CNC machines.
So what do we think we can do, maybe you will like the project again. . .
Now we have a new project.
I think he has his own workshop. I don\'t think he has the envy of turning and milling.
In this series of videos, we will look at how to make precision lathes for your workshop.
Please don\'t forget to check out our video if you want to make your own mini lathe.
We will strive to produce a lathe that can complete the most accurate wood processing in the conditions of the home workshop.
Of course, the work table we are going to do is not for industrial purposes, but for benches --Top mini lathe.
This outstanding small car bed is ideal for use in laboratories, workshops, engineering and educational environments.
Our 3d printer is our biggest helper in this project.
We designed and produced some parts that we used on the lathe.
The parts are very strong.
There is no doubt about this issue.
We added the 3d printer files needed to download below. -High-
Precision, stability, small noise; -
Designed for DIY enthusiasts at home, it is compact and portable, with strong power; -
Transparent plexiglass shield ,-
Large torque bearing motor.
The lathe size we designed is: Length: 50 cm wide: 15 cm high: 12 cm1.
If the user does not have experience in the use of the lathe base, in use, should follow: low speed, slow, cautious and other safe operations. 2.
Speed is 1000-
8000 RPM, cut wood should not exceed 4000, grinding can use a higher speed. 3.
The Chuck shaft of the drill bit, the shaft of the wood, the center shaft of the tail seat of the drill should be straight, or the nut needs to be adjusted. 4.
Speed should be reduced if not the cylinder. 5.
Tail seat bearing without locking. 6.
When using the knife, lock the bottom of the screw and the position should be away from the wood 1-1. 5cm. 7.
If you don\'t know much about the operation, it\'s better to consult a professional.
You want to do this project if you are here. Thanks.
So I don\'t want to say more. let\'s start.
First of all, you need some materials and equipment.
As you can see in the photos, you will find them in the next step and we have some devices and devices.
These are 3d printed parts, metal, wood, complex parts and screws and nuts.
Details: 3D printable parts: 1 x motor holder 1 x bearing holder 1 x engraving knife holder 1 x Drive System 6 x angle mechanical parts: 12-
24 v dc motor screws and nuts: 4 x (7cm -R:5 mm)2 x (2. 5 cm -R: 5mm)1 x (3 cm -R: 4mm )
8 x nickel plated T-nut (1. 5 cm -R: 4mm )
Tools: organic glass for wood drilling tools: 1 x (
15, cm x 13, CM)-Top Edge2 x (11 cm x 13, 5 cm)-
Left and right edge1 x (11 cm x 14 cm)-
Back EdgeOthers: the aluminum Profile 2x48 cmWe starts first with the motor bracket and the bearing bracket.
As you can see in the photo, we put some screws on it.
You can see that the schedule is 2: 38 and we want to make more power.
So we give you some woods.
In the photo, it\'s more durable now.
So there will be no shaking, shaking and slipping.
We now have the main body of the lathe.
And assemble the motor on the body.
We design Motor support for DC motors.
You may redesign the 3d plan if you have different motor sizes.
Please don\'t forget this.
Check the picture or watch the schedule is 5: 34 and we added the drive system for the wood drilling tool.
Just as you can check the photos you will find or watch, the health and safety of the workplace or occupational safety and health are important to us.
We have to take some precautions because of the risks.
So we made a cover for the motor.
As you can see in the photo.
We use transparent plexiglass.
We discuss the size of the plexiglass in the first step.
You can find the details there.
Very simple assembly.
You can relax.
You can view the picture or watch the video schedule at 11: 27 and now you are in the final step. Trying.
As you can see in pic, we tried the may times and the result was very good. You will see.
I hope you can do better than us.
If you want to do this project, you will have to print the parts in 3D.
3D printer parts :(Download Link)
12 v DC motor: Hole tool: aluminum profile: hardware sales promotion :------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Thank you.
Make the world a better place-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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