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Michael van Gerwen is one of life\'s winners, says Wayne Mardle

by:QY Precision      2019-09-09
Wayne madder praised Michael Van Gwen as \"one of the winners of life\" as the Dutchman won his fifth Premier League title at O2 on Thursday night.
Van Gwen followed up on half of him.
By recording the compelling 11-
The victory over \"Volta\" for the fourth consecutive Premier League title proves once again his dominance in the game.
The Dutchman has appeared in every Premier League final since his debut in 2013, with madder raving about MVG, claiming the sport was \"blessed to have him \".
\"You just want him to achieve all the time.
\"He is a special talent and the sport is lucky to have him,\" Madel told Dave Clark of Sky Sports . \".
\"He wants 130 when he gets a chance to win the game-
Pop, he understands.
He put things away, he knows how to win, he does better than anyone on Earth --
Where there may be no chance, he took the chance.
\"He created one and he finished it.
A lot of players will be there and somehow they will stumble.
He\'s not a tree man. he\'s a Terminator.
\"After Phil Taylor, we probably thought we \'d never see anyone like that again.
He is also the champion of the people, \"he added.
Van Gwen took part in a 5-
1 lead in the final, but Cross fought back with legs of 13, 12 and 14 darts to reduce the arrears to 5
4, only wasted three clear darts in the 10-round game, which will calm the lawsuit.
The world first restored his mat with clinical 74 kills, and then he won five of the remaining six legs with a 103 advantage. 36 average.
Mardel\'s Sky Sports expert Mark Webster, who made his debut in 2011 Premier League, believes the 10 th round is all --
It is important in the final liquidation.
\"If you go in at five
The break is another game, but I think it\'s done in the cornerMVG\'s 74]
This made Rob lose his last belief. \"Webster said.
\"Michael just did what he did and ran away with the game.
That\'s what Michael did.
He might be a little unhappy-
But he is still at the top of the Premier League.
\"In this year\'s roadshow, Van gevin hasn\'t been at his best most of the time, but he beat the cross in the last week of the league and topped the league for the seventh consecutive season.
Webster claims that although Van guvin\'s ability is lower-
Par is a sign of a real champion, but he warns his opponents that they must improve their level of competition to compete with the world champion.
No disrespect [
He will dominate everything.
If he wants to stay focused, \"added the Welsh.
\"The first game tonight was a bit confusing and Michael did badly but he ended up winning the game relatively easily.
\"It\'s a sign of a real champion, and when your thing didn\'t happen, he suffered several failures in the campaign, but he ended up winning the championship.
\"He is a hard man to beat.
Rob Cross is his closest opponent and can\'t really get close to him there, so other players have to stand up.
The former lakeside world champion also praised Van guvin as a great ambassador for the sport, insisting that every success he had was worth it.
\"As a real champion, he is very good at the promotion of the sport.
He is a great ambassador for dc and darts around the world.
\"He should enjoy these moments and he will get more because he is ahead of others and others have to stand up, Webster added.
Van Gwen is simply a winning machine. his next main goal is the world cup darts game in Hamburg two weeks later.
Mimike will win the fifth World Cup darts championship for the Netherlands
His fourth, though 30-year-
The veteran will be paired with the debut of the replacement Raymond Van bannevelde, Jermaine votimena.
This pair of Dutch groups ranked fourth in Germany and is expected to win England\'s top seed in the semi-final
But madder believes MVG will meet the challenge.
\"He\'s going to play with a different person and he knows what that means,\" madder continued . \".
\"It will be more difficult for him, but he is ready for any challenge on the dart board.
\"All he has achieved is due to him, because he is only one of the winners in life.
He will find a way.
\"You don\'t have to wait for more live darts starting in June 6, including all four days of live darts for the Hamburg World Cup --
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