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measuring the big kiss: using equipment effectively is key to speeding up vehicle production.

by:QY Precision      2019-09-28
Slightly] Illustrations
What do you say this is?
The detective shouted at his speaker with disbelief.
\"A cciss, representing an anti-insurgency surveillance system.
But we call it a big kiss. \"Said the voice at the other end of the phone.
This voice belongs to Tommy Bronson, the head of the validation team at the CCISS project.
Big kiss is a top
A secret surveillance device that operates in the air and on land, and, as far as they know, under water.
The task of the Bronson Group is to ensure that all parts and components provided for the project comply with strict government specifications.
Bronson told detectives that big kisses are important with thousands of parts, components and components.
The task of the project is to manufacture and deliver three prototype big kisses by 2014.
The verification team, composed of Bronson and eight others, works day and night to keep up with the idea --
Check the workload.
In rare cases, Bronson also has some room to contract some inspection work to the inspection shop, but this is an exception.
\"It looks like you\'re in control, Tommy,\" said SLUs.
\"Congratulate you.
Bronson responded: \"Not at all . \"
\"They have postponed the delivery date to 2011 and we have finished.
To improve our measurement system, they did put some extra money into the budget, but no more people.
That\'s why we need your help.
\"The next afternoon, after a long flight and seemingly endless traffic, sleuth carried out the excavation at the main industrial center in another country, and sleuth was escorted to the interior of the CCISS project metrology laboratory.
Bronson led him around his lawn, and Sleuth was impressed by the quality and quantity of the equipment the team had.
There are five CMMS, including one super
Precision measuring system and gantry for measuring large components;
A vision and more
Sensor measurement system;
A portable arm measuring device
Common surface sheet material;
A unique arm.
Type CMM, available for table panel or right side on CNC machine tool.
Bronson told Sleuth that most CNC machines have spindle probes.
\"You have some great equipment in your lab,\" said the detective . \".
\"But I also noticed that half of them are not currently in use.
What\'s going on with this?
\"Human scheduling is a big part of the problem.
We tend to have experts in all kinds of measurement systems.
We want to do more cross
But we don\'t have much time to train.
For example, our vision and diverse people
Sensor system experts are working onsite part run-off today.
\"So he\'s not running here or programming parts that need to be checked on any of these systems,\" Bronson said . \".
\"I can replace him at a critical moment.
But I can\'t do as much on these systems as he does, and I\'m very slow in programming these systems.
The same is true for portable weapons.
Bronson said he spent a lot of time working with the supervision engineer on the design criteria for various big kiss parts and assemblies.
\"Then I spend more time distributing the marked-
\"Depending on the special skills of the different members, they will create measurement items,\" he noted . \".
\"Now, I\'m sorry to say that I don\'t have time for you today.
You can talk to more team members and the first thing I will do tomorrow is to meet you for an hour.
The biggest question I want you to think about is, \"What can we do to double the measurement efficiency of our existing employees ? \"?
For a famous measuring detective like you, there should be no sweat.
\"Sleuth spent the afternoon talking to various BigKiss validation team members.
Their input into the work and the depth of the measurement knowledge impressed him deeply.
They all seem to be proficient in CMM programming and operations, for example.
Then go to his hotel and drink coffee until late at night, and he tries to understand his notes by drawing an oversized sheet of paper page by page.
Bronson was right the next morning.
\"So, can we improve the efficiency of the validation team by 100%?
\"When he asked, he was worried.
\"I believe this is possible,\" Sleuth replied . \".
Bronson couldn\'t believe his ears.
\"That\'s right,\" he continued.
\"You have excellent equipment, talented employees, you can enter the world --class jobshops.
I believe we can look at your parts verification requirements from the perspective of enterprise measurement and find a way to solve your problem.
First of all, here are a few projects: how to control \"keep your staff busy not far from home \".
By exchanging programs and data instead of sending people to a manufacturing site, source code checks are carried out over the network.
\"Use general operating and programming software for CMMs, measuring arms, vision, and multi-device
Sensor systems, etc.
So you don\'t need an expert in measuring systems.
You will make everyone
After training, your device will be active at all times.
\"If you want your employees to be experts and let them focus on component types so they can be more helpful to design engineers.
\"Automate all inspection processes as much as possible.
Enter Design intent electronically during design review.
There is software in this regard.
When connected to a CAD file, these design intent files can shorten the programming time by 80%.
Whether the computer automatic measurement system programming is turned off-
So you can keep your device running continuously.
\"Try programming with parameters so that when the design changes in, all you need to do is change the values in the table to make a whole new measurement program.
Especially when you check the store using a contract.
Make sure your contract check store program also has parameters.
The program should be part of the delivery content because you can use it over and over to measure similar items.
\"Finally, rely more on your suppliers to verify the parts they make for you.
If they use the same measurement method and software, you can do Apple easilyto-
Apple randomly checks in the lab to ensure that your enterprise metering system is installed on all cylinders.
\"Store all measurement data in a common database that can be operated at any time as needed to create reports.
In this way, no one will sacrifice time and days to produce ad reports, \"concluded Sleuth.
Bronson\'s eyes became wider and wider as Silus left. \"Is that all?
He asked ironically.
\"This is a short list, I know,\" said the detective, yawning.
\"But it will take a while for you to put it into practice.
When you do this, I think you will be closer to controlling your problems.
\"EM Sleuth is sponsored by Wilcox Associates Inc. (www. pcdmis-ems. com)
Part and pc manufacturer of hexagon metering group
DMIS measurement software.
Contributors to this article include Steve loggi, and Steve loggi, business development manager of the Wilcox Association.
Six measurement. com;
Rob Fabiano, Sleuth illustrator, rfabian1 @ cox.
Net and Joel Cassola by writer Joel as @ cox.
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