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mc waits to use 75 new machines | ludhiana news - times of india

by:QY Precision      2019-09-07
Ludhina: municipalities have finally purchased hand-held fogging machines to fumigate all parts of the city and limit the breeding of mosquitoes.
Six months after the decision was passed, the authorities purchased 75 machines, one per ward.
However, as the authorities try to decide the \"right\" day to start the machine, residents will have to wait more time to get relief from mosquitoes.
Authorities earlier decided to hold an opening ceremony for the machines on Friday, but it was delayed for some reason.
While officials were cautious about the delay, sources said it was because all the machines had not arrived.
The authorities purchased the machines from Germany for a total cost of Rs 46. 29 lakh.
The proposal to purchase a handheld computer for each ward was adopted on October 2010, but due to delays in selecting an agency, MC can only purchase it recently.
There are also 20 large fog machines in the MC, 17 of which are in operation, but even these are not well used.
In 2010, the civil authorities claimed to have spent 11 rupees.
47 crore purchased 2,500 kg drugs to fumigate throughout the city, but residents said they did not see any fog machines in their area.
District councillors also claimed that when they had to disinfect their place, they did not receive medicines from MC.
Residents complain that although authorities claim proper haze weather is carried out every year, they are careless and the implementation is not satisfactory.
Sarabjit Singh, a staff member of a private bank who lives in Kochar Market, said they had started taking precautions themselves because it was useless to wait for the authorities to take action.
Medical Officer of MC (health)
Dr. Charanjit Singh Uppal said \"handheld machines will be launched soon, which proves a great relief for urban residents, because of this, even in crowded areas where large machines in big cities cannot access, there may also be smog.
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