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May facing resignations of ministerial aides over fixed-odds betting terminals stance

by:QY Precision      2019-09-08
If Theresa May refuses to speed up the crackdown on fixed assets, she will face a massive resignation from her assistant to the minister
Odds betting terminal.
Sky News learned that at least 12 jun senior government members wrote to chief whip Julian Smith, warning them that they would join the growing insurgency of the Conservative Party, cutting their biggest stake by 2 from 100.
Two amendments have been submitted, which will force the government to cut by six months from October 2019 to April 2019.
The House of Commons is expected to vote on the issue next Tuesday.
Unless an agreement is reached, it is possible for the government to see
Failed budget Finance Act
Things that have never happened since 1978.
The letter was made in more than 70 members, including former Tory cabinet ministers Ian Duncan Smith and Boris Johnson, who, together with the Labor Party, opposed the prime minister and asked for cuts as soon as possibletracked.
Tracey Crouch resigned as sports minister on this issue, indicating the government\'s submission under pressure from the gaming industry, delaying the policy.
\"They lost the minister, and now they lost the policy.
\"What an amazing thing it is,\" a minister said on the news of the Government bench rebellion . \".
The Treasury Department insisted on not delaying, and Chancellor Philip Hammond defended the October budget cut decision, saying it was \"common sense\" to allow the gaming industry time to adjust as needed \".
Although no fixed time is mentioned --
Odds betting terminals (FOBT) cut the fiscal bill, and the rebel target is to force the government to sell by increasing the tariff on long-range games, which will rise from 15% in October 2019 to 21%.
This is actually an increase in taxes on online casinos, aiming to make up for losses to the Treasury due to changes in the largest FOBTs shares.
Rebel MPs are trying to stop the government from implementing this increase, and they want the Treasury Department to have no choice but to postpone the increase in teleplay tariffs until April and allow the simultaneous introduction of FOBT cuts.
In a statement on Tuesday, the Ministry of Finance said: \"On October 2019, the maximum bet on all fixed odd betting terminal machines will be reduced from 100 to 2.
\"This is a major change that will help prevent extreme losses and protect the most vulnerable groups in our society.
\"We have had extensive consultations with interested parties --
Including charities and all departments of the gaming industry
Before considering all the evidence and making a final decision.
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