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Manufacturing touted at GCC

by:QY Precision      2019-10-19
Glendale Community College received a $100,000 cheque from the Gene Haas Foundation on Wednesday to provide scholarships to students participating in the institute\'s engineering design and manufacturing program.
At the same time, the college has hosted a visit for students with autism in their special program that may inspire them to pursue a career that makes sense to them.
The college is well known in the region for cultivating students to eventually earn high salaries working in machine shops.
When the check is presented, the students in the store are part of a unique college and they are being trained to be a computer digital College
Control the machine operator or programmer as part of 10-1
Weekly pilot program to get autistic students on high school roadswage jobs.
They also received a visitor.
Titan Gilroy, a boxer-born mechanic, runs a manufacturing plant in northern California called Titan America.
As part of his TV show titan made in America, he also highlighted the manufacturing company, which will premiere season 3 as part of MAVTV.
Gilroy has a son with Asperger\'s syndrome who told the college students that he found the joy of making parts in the aerospace industry and industry.
\"The more you go into it, the more you have what you create in your hand, this is the beauty of the industry. \" he said.
\"Don\'t just make parts.
Like to create something. \"--
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