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by:QY Precision      2019-12-08
The capabilities gallery of plastic surgery design and technology manufacturers highlights the network and literature of thissue advertisers.
For more information about these companies, please visit their website or www directly. odtmag. com [
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For more than 20 years, major companies from all walks of life, including aerospace, medical, power generation and manufacturing, have turned to toAccutek to meet their product consistency, material identification and fault analysis needs.
Network of engineering professionals in Accutek
Service testing facilities will provide you with critical knowledge, personalized service and timely delivery of your test requirements. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. accutektesting.
ISO o medical devices, contract manufacturer certified by ISO 13485, your source from prototype to precision mechanical components produced.
Expertise in mechanical processing in Switzerland
Axis milling, line milling, laser marking of spine and orthopedic implants and instruments. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. astromedical.
Boston no center is a leading provider of precision ground barstock in the medical industry.
Consistency of dimensional tolerances (to. 000040\")
The flatness and circularity of Boston unintentional Rod grinding materials increase the machining ability and reduce the manufacturing cost.
Inventory includes stainless steel, titanium and plastic for implants, instruments and medical components.
It also provides material grinding services provided by customers.
ISO9001: 2000 certification. [
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Boyd paint researchInc.
Boyd paint research
Customized production, application and distributionDeveloped, high
Performance coatings that meet the needs of specific medical devices. High-
Volume and flexible manufacturing capabilities enable companies to quickly produce large and small quantities of products and reduce costseffectively.
Boyd is a licensed industrial applicator for tefulon [R]. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. boycoating. com [
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C5 Medicalwerks is a leading supplier of ceramic solutions in the medical device industry, and C5 medical Werks offers state-of-the-
Advanced ceramic materials and comprehensive quality system-
Includes certification of ISO 13485: 2003.
The product range includes ceramic implant parts for hip, spine, dental and custom implant parts. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. c5medicalwerks.
Centex Machining is an ISO certified 13485: 2003 and 9001: 2000 CNCmachine shop dedicated to supporting medical device OEMs as contract manufacturers.
Product launches and complex assembly are one of our few specialties.
Please feel free to contact us for your special medical equipment needs. [
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Laser welding, laser cutting, laser slotting and laser etching.
Eagle stainless\'s laser department is trained in \"Six Sigma\" and lean manufacturing, which means that you will have you at the right place, the right time, the right amount at the lowest possible cost[
Slightly] Illustrationswww. eagletube.
Com Edge International materials for forging and processing of plastic surgery implants.
Specializing in cobaltChrome-Moly bar (
Low carbon and high carbon).
Immediately deducted from the stock. Sizes 0. 375\" 2. 500\" dia.
Number from one barlength to the factory.
Certified for House specifications by ASTM, ISO and major medical implant manufacturers.
Comprehensive technical and metallurgical support. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. edgeintl.
Fischer connectors have been designed, manufactured and distributed for over 50 years
Solutions for performance connectors and cable assemblies.
Fischer\'s products are reliable, accurate, and resistant to demanding environments and are usually used for high
Terminal electronic equipment such as medical devices, instruments and equipment, national defense and security systems.
Headquartered in Switzerland, Fischer has subsidiaries and distributors worldwide. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww.
Fischerconnectors. com [
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Fort Wayne metal in Fort Wayne metal, we will never ignore the fact that the wires we draw will eventually be replaced by medical devices used to save lives.
It is this idea that has allowed us to grow from a small wire factory in 1970 to a market leader in high-end material solutions for products in global demand.
We have six manufacturing plants in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and a manufacturing and warehousing plant in astastlebar, Mayo County, Ireland. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. fwmetals.
Guyson designs and manufactures automated and robotic explosive systems for technical surface preparation, shot blasting, burrs removal and surface polishing.
Lab tests are provided free of charge to support application engineering on your project. Details at www. guyson. net [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. guyson. net [
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Holding Company is-
Stop the source of O. E. M.
Products and instruments designed by ourselves.
We mainly focus on \"MIS\" products, cutting equipment, molded handle products, torque instruments, retracement systems and general purpose products. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. holmed. net [
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The incision technology company produces cutting, piercing and conveying systems for surgical instruments.
Our center of excellence is the place to improve the performance of cutting and piercing devices with applied science.
The products include surgical blade, sleeve needle, custom operating knife, endoscope scissors, tissue knife, biopsy punch, sharpened tube, special access needle, probe, suction head, casing,[
Slightly] Illustrationswww. incisiontech.
Precision Ravitz Precision Co. , Ltd.
Is specialized in complex, burrs-
Free, high-precision machining of components and implants with tolerances. 000040\". Multi-
Surface parts are processed with the latest technology, including 5-and 9-
AxisSwiss CNCs, CNC lathe with C axis and y axis, 5-
CNC machining capability of shaft, full C
Shaft CNC grinding and Agathon centerless grinding machines and rolling grinding machines for cutting tools such as drill bits and burrs.
Parts are delivered as required on the requested date. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. lavezzi. com [
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Lyon provides rapid prototyping and production services for the medical devices, instruments and implants industry.
Proprietary tools and processes and the \"can do\" approach make Leon a leading supplier of complete equipment, welding and mechanical components, CNC machined components, metal stamping parts, tubingand surgical scissors and sharp
Lyons, medical device solutions, Meriden, CT[
Slightly] Illustrationswww. lyons. com [
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Marox Corporation Marox is a leading contract manufacturer for precision mechanical orthopedic implants, surgical instruments and medical devices.
Professional including CNC milling machine (5-axis)
CNC lathe, CNC Swiss thread machining (12-axis)
, CNC wire and plug-in EDM and components.
The processed materials include titanium, Peep, CoCr, SSTL, etc.
ISO 13485 is registered. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. marox. com [
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Master Bond is custom made to produce adhesives, sealant, packaging materials and coatings.
The product range includes epoxy resin, polyurethane, UV, silicone, acrylic resin, polyamide, LaTeX system, anaerobicsand blue acrylic acid.
Special grades provide sterilization resistance, USP grade VI certification. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. masterbond.
Memry Corporation has been providing innovative advanced material solutions for the medical device industry for more than 25 years and is a complete service provider based on Nitinol technology.
SAES recently acquired Memry Corporation-
Getter Group of company will provide additional R & D resources to ensure that memry is designing and developing next-
Provide a new generation of medical device products and treatments for the orthopedic market. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. memry.
Com Millstone Medical Outsourcing is a leading and innovative provider of customized outsourcing solutions for the medical device industry.
We offer advanced sterile and non-sterile mechanical inspection
Supply aseptic packaging, rental kit processing and distribution services to global manufacturers. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww.
Medical devices.
Lean com Lean ultrasound [R]
The ultrasonic wave provides answers to medical cleaning requirements by manual and automatic precision part cleaning as well as nitric acid and/or citrate blunt change lines, plus penetration inspection, electric polishing and automatic titanium anode oxide lines. Miraclean[R]
It also provides proprietary chemicals for these processes. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. miraclean.
Modern Plastics is the leading supplier of medical grade plastics in the market of plastic surgery and medical devices in China.
We also offer high
Inventory shape of high performance plastic such as ULTEM [R],PEEK[R], VALOX[R], VESPEL[R], RADEL[R], TORLON[R], DELRIN[R], LEXAN[R].
All materials are stored in batches
Bar control conditions
Complete traceability and certification.
Our advanced processing facilities provide accurate close range
Tolerance processing of plastic and metal.
Professional technical sales staff work with engineers and planners on the first floor to help with material selection and mechanical part design.
As a distributor and machining company, we provide a competitive advantage for our customers andStop buying. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. modernplastics.
Norman noble manufactures medical devices and implants that meet customer specifications in accordance with FDA regulations and ISO 13485: 2003.
Process includes 7-
Shaft profile milling, laser machining, rotary machining, conventional and wire EDM, and shape setting of nickel-titanium alloy.
Prototype services are also available. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. nnoble.
Com Norwood Medical is committed to solving the complexity of the design and manufacture of Medical devices and implants.
Norwood Medical has been serving in the medical field for more than 25 years and has been providing solutions to improve the competitive market of itscustom products. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. norwoodmedical.
Com Omni Components is an ISO 9001 and 13485 manufacturer providing precision mechanical services and engineering solutions for the medical industry.
Swiss CNC to1 1/4 in.
Diameter, grinding/lathe to 2 314.
Diameter, milling, prototyping, laser marking, EDM, assembly and turnkey support for complete parts. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. omnicomponents.
Orchid orthopedic Solutions is a global leader in contract design and manufacturing solutions for orthopedic, dental and cardiovascular markets.
The company, which consists of ten contract manufacturers, offers a range of implants and instruments with five core functions: Design, forging, machining, plastics and coating. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. orchid-orthopedics. com [
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Paragon Model medical care is a world of one-month, complete supply
Provide a classic solution for the medical device market for case and tray, surgical device, implant assembly and design services.
Headquartered in the capital of plastic surgery, Paragon has established strategic centers of excellence in the United States, Europe and Asia.
The dynamic acquisition brings some of the most talented artisans in the industry to our team, and the regional center of excellence makes us more versatile. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. paragonmedical.
Peridot is ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 1348 S: 2003-
Certified precision component manufacturers offering complete design, prototyping and manufacturing services.
With our unique expertise, a 10 k class clean room and a wide list of equipment, Peridot can meet almost any medical product manufacturing needs.
If you have any challenges, call peridofirst first. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. peridotcorp.
Phillips plastic is good at designing a variety of molding processes, and Phillips\'s designers bring the manufacturing perspective to the conceptual stage.
In addition to the four FDA-registered facilities, there are over 100,000 square feet of facilities dedicated to medical manufacturing, and you have a complete solution. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww.
Philippine medical model.
Precision Medical Products Co. , Ltd.
The preferred choice for medical device outsourcing represents more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture, assembly and packaging of medical devices, providing a wide range of metal processing and plastic molding technologies to the world\'s leading pharmaceutical and medical device suppliers.
For more information, please visit our websitepmp. net [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. pmp.
Net Precision Technology Co. , Ltd.
Precision Technology Company
It is an independent, privately owned contract manufacturer specializing in the processing of plastic surgery implants, test components and surgical support devices.
PTI has been manufacturing plastics and has only been manufacturing plastics for 38 years and is recognized as a leader in plastic processing. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. ptplastics.
Com Ranfac Corporation Ranfac is recognized for its ability to work with healthcare professionals in developing instruments that provide solutions for new and emerging needs.
As a single source organization, the size and breadth of our business enables us to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and the requirements of medical device companies. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. ranfac.
Rosier metal surface treatment Co. , Ltd. Rosier is the world leader in surface treatment.
Our products include: * large-scale processing and blasting equipment * grinding and polishing media for large-scale processing * compound * wastewater treatment system [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. rosler. us [
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Sandvik Medical Technology Co. , Ltd. Sandvik is a global industrial group with advanced products and aworld
Leading partner of medical OEMs worldwide.
The company operates in 130 countries and offers leading
Expertise in advantages in plastic surgery and the production of spinal implants and instruments.
Sandvik\'s expertise includes R & D, material technology and development, surface and Powder Technology, coating, casting, forging and processing.
The company also offers a wide range of advanced material products in the medical field. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. sandvik.
Com/medical omet Tecomet is good at difficult materials, new technologies and advanced technologies.
Forging: better technology, more expertise and excellent results without compromising the standard.
Machining: state-of-the-art equipment
Skilled labor and delivery capacity.
Surface Treatment: innovative proprietary technology is within reach.
Precision Technology gives products a competitive advantage. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. tecomet. com [
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Domdiam Medical is a contract manufacturer that provides services for endoscopic/arthroscopic, dental/orthodontic, Plastic Surgery and Vascular Surgery.
Features include complex mechanical components, SwissStyle machining, EDM, multiple
Axis CNC milling, laser cutting, metal tube stretching/forming, hollow rod stretching.
We have advanced low-cost processing capacity in 4 factories around the world. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. Diamond Medical. com [
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Vistek precision machinery is a compliance factory with ISO9001 and iso13sfp, using multi-axis CNC milling and 5-
AxisSwiss turning center. [
Slightly] Illustrationswww. vistekmfg.
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