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making megaships - how the biggest cruise ships are built

by:QY Precision      2019-08-25
Growing in the interior of Germany near Papenburgof-
Seasonal Production on greenhouses, corn, cows and some of the world\'s largest and most complex cruise ships.
The latest and biggest build At centuries\'s old local shipyard is ocean quantum, an 18-
The first level monster that stretches from the Netherlands to the pancake apartment country rise in Lower Saxony.
The quantum was promoted by its owner, Royal Caribbean, as the world\'s first real smart ship, which is located above the pier of the Meyer watercraft shipyard on the bank of the EMS.
Bernard Meyer, general manager of the shipyard, represents the sixth generation of the family.
The ship, with a total size of 167,800 tons, is complex to build, he said.
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The old yard is 30 km metres on the twisted River.
Captain Srecko next weekend (Felix)
Ban plans his first trip along the river.
Sailing with tight profits.
In some places, he says, there is only one metre of clearance below $1.
15 billion boats with 8 draft water.
5 M, ideal conditions.
\"Considering the high water level, the moon and the wind, we chose the best time.
We can\'t be too windy.
47-year-old ban started his career at sea on a cargo ship docked in New Zealand\'s port before joining Miami.
Based on cruise.
On a retractable railway bridge across the river, the sides of the ship are only 600mm clear, and a day and a half of sailing or \"transportation\" along the river is subtle, and the Royal Caribbean will not pay in full, until it reaches the North Sea.
Thousands of locals will line up on the banks of muddy EMS, see this ship \"shipped\" along the river for a day and a half under the command of the captain of the yard that has passed for the past 18 months to 36-hour trip.
Quantum will come down from the stern first in part of the journey as it is more flexible for tugboats that are doing heavy work, and it is specially equipped with a huge bracket for the outstanding bow bulb for the tugboat.
Watch: make giant boats-
Once at sea, ocean Quantum will be tested and last-minute equipment before Polaris fitting, the gondola at the end of the hydraulic arm, carrying 14 passengers about 100 above the deck, then the ship traveled to Southampton before the Atlantic crossed New York in November and on its first cruise.
Six months after the Caribbean cruise, it will travel to China, where it will indefinitely reflect changes in global cruise demand, where passengers are ready to pay the highest travel price.
The mature cruise market, especially in the Caribbean, is saturated and passengers are used to aggressive discounts, so the world\'s most popular cruise ship will travel to Shanghai.
\"It doesn\'t take much premium to help pay off.
If you build a better ship, they will come.
New Zealand will not see the ship in the foreseeable future
Even if the dock is long enough, it is difficult to handle the number of passengers
But cruise ships are the country\'s fastest-growing holiday market.
Last year, nearly 60,000 New Zealanders conducted a cruise somewhere in the world, which has grown by 23 percentage points in the past 12 months, the biggest growth rate measured by any market.
Every five years or so, a new generation of cruise ships comes out. Quantum is a monster;
The world\'s third largest.
It is full of unique attractions, which makes it like a floating amusement park, targeting a young market that will be able to take advantage of the bandwidth the company says, this will exceed all other markets for cruise ships at sea, although some cruise veterans say it is not difficult given the uneven coverage of ships so far.
Royal Caribbean has partnered with operators of a group of near-orbit satellites that will allow 4180 to 4905 passengers to download movies, games or skype at sea. But on-
The holiday connection will be available at a certain price, although almost all other attractions on board are free, whether passengers pay more for the private experience of the North Star cable car or more high-end markets, there are many opportunities to reduce the burden on passengers. The bar offers professional dining options and more traditional additional consumption.
Quantum provides a twist.
\"Bionic Bartenders\" or robotic arms will serve drinks in one venue, but no tips are required.
In addition to fares, the cruise industry\'s ancillary revenue standard is about 25 cents.
When the bad news comes, whether it\'s an outbreak of disease on board or a fire, big cruise ships are big targets.
Last year, Royal Caribbean posted on twitter about a fire on a ship near Baltimore. emptive strike.
Our Jim Walker keeps an eye on the cruise line.
Marine lawyers Walker and O\'Neill who have identified Polaris as a potential \"Cruise lawyer\'s dream.
Fain said that extensive modeling of the machine has been done, although in the ten to ten percent time at the time, the ocean condition and wind force may be too big for it, he believes, the conditions under which the ship will operate in the area will allow the basket to be hoisted for the rest of the time.
In response to the \"bad reputation\" of the cruise ship\'s environmental impact, Fain said Quantum was his company\'s most efficient ship so far.
It has a more streamlined hull and the shape of the ball Root bow
Select after considering 1000 shapes
It will save about 1% of fuel.
Fain said it got rid of inefficient, hot incandescent lamps and replaced them with LED and fluorescent lamps.
Everything on board is reused, recycled or burned, he said, because not all ports have facilities to recycle quantum, so they are packed in special freezers that kill bacteria.
\"I think that means the coolest crap around us.
Fain said: \"The ship also has an air lubrication system in which compressed air creates micro-mirror bubbles below the bow of the ship and floats on the air, not on the water
It is said that a rising wave will raise all ships, which is the same in the cruise industry, because the new ships only have new features, and all companies must upgrade their
A travel agency said they were like a hamster running on wheels and had been trying to catch up.
The function on the new ship was converted into the old-
Marine Voyager docked in New Zealand has installed a water surfing attraction, and another Marine Voyager in the Royal Caribbean has installed a virtual balcony.
About four centuries ago, Papenburg, a picturesque town of 35,000 people, began building boats.
View: Marine quantum photo studio Meyer Werft dates back to its origins in January 28, 1795, when Willm Rolf Meyer dropped 200 Dutch canyons to buy land at EMS bank.
Since then, demand has fallen further in the yard under the pressure of the Napoleon war, two world wars, hyperinflation, terrorist attacks in September 11 and green lobby groups, it is required to move the business closer to the sea.
World War II was devastating.
Taken over by the Nazis in 1939, records in the yard showed that it produced only four submarine chasers, and it survived almost unscathed before the last few weeks of the war.
Just before the British and Canadian advance, the town and yard were bombed, and many buildings were ignited by Molotov, \"turning the company into a pile of ruins\" according to the official history of Meyer veft \".
The recovery from the war is the same as in other parts of West Germany --
Fast, focus on building quality.
The shipyard now employs 5000 employees and contract workers.
It was helped by national export credit in the form of loan guarantee, helped it borrow at a lower interest rate, and became one of the largest countries in Europe with Finland, the rest of France, Romania and Italy
While they all face growing competition from shipyards in Japan, South Korea and China, the level of specialization required to build cruise ships means that European shipyards are still at an edge. 1 -
Start with two pieces of steel.
A small piece, the ceremonial silhouette of the boat or the first letter of the name is cut to 30 m, and the other small piece is cut to 30 m to start work seriously.
The big bed is the basis for modular cruise construction, just like it was built on a massive scale with Lego. 2 -
The steel used in the hull can be 30mm thick.
In Meyer, it was cut by Europe\'s largest robotic laser in a special room.
During a short visit to the large laser cutting Hall, photo protection of intellectual property rights is prohibited. The hall is strictly tidy and all unused tools are hung in designated places. 3 -
The steel plate is then welded using a mixed welding process, and the robot welds the seams at high speed.
Connecting flat steel to form part of the boat, all the work is done on the floor, so no matter what will eventually happen in the ceiling cavity, all installed by workers who bend over rather than work on top of their heads.
The weight of these parts can reach 180 tons and then be picked up by a huge gantry crane and flipped to work on what is actually the floor. 4 -
Meyer woft has adapted to work.
There are four processes in the automotive industry-
Complete the hourly target for all parts.
Eight parts of the adjacent ship assembly building were connected to a huge block.
The rear keel section was first promoted to the dry dock building bay and aligned with centuries
Place old shipbuilding traditions on lucky coins (
With the quantum 430 of the ocean-
Tons of blocks down to a newly cast penny).
Then install the engine. (
The capacity of Quantum\'s two diesel engines and bow propellers exceeds 50 MW).
Cruise ships typically consist of 70 to 80 blocks, each weighing up to 800 tons.
After lifting each other, there is usually only 1mm gap between them for welding together.
Slide the prefabricated cottage and other rooms into place. 5 -
Meyer woft has several ships under construction at the same time and has adopted a new technology to float what looks like a chainsaw --
Or super block.
Put the boat into the basin to work on another ship in the assembly building. 6 -
About two months before the official launch, the ship close to completion will be docked.
The boat moored on the dock and did not finish the finishing work until the last minute.
Grant Bradley was hosted by Royal Caribbean Corporation in Papenburg.
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