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Making it... with a little help

by:QY Precision      2019-10-25
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published at 7/10/2010 (2795 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
The floor on the third floor is bare concrete.
Floor space of Adelaide Street warehouse building in west exchange area.
Over the past few months, Winnipeg entrepreneurs and 30 volunteers have set up a few humble rooms that have been nailed to walls with fiber boards, employing a place where an electrician\'s wires are towed about $25000 billion in production equipment.
Welcome to the first makerspace in Winnipeg called AssentWorks.
It was the idea of 31-year-old Michael Legley. year-
Seccuris is an old boss of a successful information technology security company.
Over the past year, he has recruited Kerry Stevenson, a great former CTO.
Western life and David Bernhardt, the industrial designer, will be the director.
Without any financial assistance from public sector entities, with legal funding, they built a space in Adelaide 125, this could become a hotbed of the city\'s well-known start-up activities.
For those who are not familiar with the word \"makerspace, it is a collaboration and access device that people with a common interest in product development, invention, technology and any number of production disciplines can meet with themselves that may not be able to afford.
\"AssentWorks will be the portal for inventors, part
\"Time lovers, creative people, can enter the real manufacturing world . \"
\"This will allow them to acquire a wider range of skills and tools that they will otherwise not be able to acquire.
\"This concept of grassroots communities exists in cities around the world.
Legary is one of EY\'s 2010 entrepreneurs of the year, and has been to many entrepreneurs around the world.
The idea is that members pay $50 to $100 a month to use the facility and equipment.
Various experts and consultants will assist in the operation and cooperation of the equipment.
\"It\'s like a health club where you can use 24/7 machines,\" Stevenson said . \".
\"But there are plasma cutting machines, CNC machines (
Computer numerical control)machines and 3-D printers.
\"Stevenson is 3-
D. printing and Bernhardt are one of the designers of Urbee cars, an electric car
Ethanol hybrid car
\"One thing I noticed was that when entrepreneurs started a project, Bernhardt said:\" They might go out and spend $15,000 to $30,000 on tools just to make a prototype. \".
\"Since there was no sale at the time, they were almost doomed to fail from the beginning.
\"AssentWorks has a relatively new CNC machine purchased from such an entrepreneur who wants to make an aluminum iPad shell, but the sales are not fast enough to afford the equipment
Now he will access this machine at AssentWorks and guide others in operation.
Passionate entrepreneur, Legary, used his own money to get a non-
Profit organization to this point-
Officially opened later this month.
But in the end, it is hoped that veteran entrepreneurs will sponsor AssentWorks.
This can be achieved by helping to get new equipment and even donating old equipment.
The only official sponsor so far is the business incubator Seccuris and Eureka program at the University of Manitoba smart park.
Legary has come up with the idea for about a year and is trying to bring together five core sponsors for $25,000 per person.
But the directors of assentworks say they are confident to do so.
Self-Control spirit includes strategies that do not even call for public sector support until the model is up and running and benefits from it.
This is not to say that AssentWorks is no longer on many radar screens.
Ron costrowski of Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters is fully aware of what is happening at Adelaide Street warehouse.
\"I think this is a great concept,\" Koslowsky said . \".
\"This is definitely one of the highlights of Manitoba\'s future.
I\'m excited about it.
\"If the energy ministers of the project, Stevenson and Bernhardt, are sustainable, then they cannot be missed.
\"The cash flow requirement is about $4,000 per month, so we need about 40 to 50 members to break even,\" said Legary . \".
\"If we can\'t do this in Winnipeg, then there will be a serious drought in our entrepreneur spirit. \" martin. cash@freepress. mb.
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