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making a glass mold by cnc

by:QY Precision      2019-10-03
It is exciting to make blow molding molds using CNC machines.
Using the speed and accuracy of the machine makes the mold production faster and more accurate than manual production.
In order to make the glass mold, I chose cherry wood, which can withstand the immersion of water and high temperature.
However, blowing the glass into the mold is challenging because the neck shape of the bottle used as a blow hole is narrow.
This is my journey!
Cherry Wood is served.
Hinge, stick, screw first, processing mold with cherry wood.
The mold is completed by hinges and handles.
Drill holes in the mold and allow air to pass when the glass blows into the mold.
After soaking the mold in the water for a week, I took it to the glass shop. (
The mold is soaked in water to prevent burning when touched by hot glass. )
My favorite part is the effect of hot glass blowing into the mold, leaving a beautiful focal mark inside the mold.
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