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by:QY Precision      2019-09-24
I recently realized: I, we, you can do whatever you can imagine.
This is a gift from life in 2014.
Laser cutting machine, CNC machine, 3D printer, Internet! !
All these powerful tools are very useful for creative people.
What is worth repeating again
You can do everything.
I am a filmmaker at Kontent Films in San Francisco, and I strive to promote meaningful change through film while driving my art field.
My friend Chris is a manufacturer and founder of Wood Thumb, a workshop that uses many of these \"new tools\" to design and produce wood products. Enter -
The challenge we face is to make a 13-second clip for a short film that Kontent is working on, which talks about the dominance of the global economy and more sustainable alternatives.
The premise is that the economy regards human labor as another exploitable resource;
We want to prove that the worker is just a gear in a huge machine.
Either hire a shadow theater troupe or stop performing
Surprisingly, we decided to convey this message by stopping the motion animation . . . . . . . maker style.
So we have a general idea. . now what?
Failure is fast and often iterated.
This is a motto favored by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, but it usually does not apply to the precise world of film production.
However, in the case of Maker-style film production and stop motion animation, this is crucial: when you do something that no one else does (
By your side or online)
Done before, you may make mistakes when you slide down the learning curve.
Two hours from the last day of the shoot, not when you find the fatal flaw you made on the first day. How? Story boards!
As you can see, drawing is not my strength, but I put things together to help Chris communicate my thoughts with my director Mark.
When we started designing a set of gears, city sky lines and some poor \"machine gears\", we were not quite sure how they looked together.
Our iterative process involves printing many versions of gears and people on the card, as well as some very patient cuts.
We started with a roll of paper and some simple strokes;
Upgrade to the gear model recorded on the beer bucket (
Somehow it got into the scene)
Paper gear that is glued together.
It doesn\'t look very good, but it\'s essential to figure out the geometry, scale, and functionality of this animation.
Doing everything before using paper allows us to adjust our design without wasting expensive time on TechShop\'s machines. Idea? check. Storyboard? check. Paper models? check.
But what about style?
When developing style guides or templates for animations, inspiration may come from many different places.
For us, under the lights of the full moon, an old hotel that was torn down was our muse.
At night, the darkness is dull, the concrete is broken, and the steel bars are broken.
The \"metal\" gears overflowing from the city landscape and the warm colored light gradually disappeared.
We used gray and black paint to make some changes to the building.
We found some cool metal texture painting.
Spackle adds some texture to the background and rusty steel to finish the gritty look.
Well, you have your idea, you have improved it, and the story is on it as well.
You have established your style.
Now it\'s time to start the set element we built: City scapegoat gear background tool we use: CNC router laser cutter computer with Illustrator, VCarve prototype movie we use: 5 dmkiii 7 feet rails with multiple film light sdragonframe stop motion software for editing what we use: any small unwanted movement between Adobe After Effects frames can lead to a very jarring experience.
The set needs to be completely static and you need to start with a solid frame.
The stability is more critical by connecting the moving gear to the frame.
We built our frame with two 36 \"x.
5 mid-sized boards, 2x4 and lots of screws.
We installed the gear on the front and the City View on the top.
The main gear that people spin is made with the best cylinder we can find --a beer keg!
CNC large component STO accurately transmit the wood or other entities designed by the computer, the CNC router we use (
Shop Bot of TechShop)
Cut out the larger, thicker and structural parts of the suit.
Gears and gears are designed in a convenient gear generation software. ca.
Transfer files to Illustrator from there.
If they are not vector files, you can convert them to vector files using the image tracking feature-
But note that sometimes some very trendy shapes are created.
Vector in hand (
Can be technically on your USB Drive)
Open them in VCarve Pro and create files for the CNC router.
Then, no matter which material has the best cutting effect, we use the 3/4 mid-fiber board, which makes the cutting line smoother than the plywood.
Of course, we skipped a few steps here.
Tech stores publish their own safety and basic manuals if you are using a different machine
You have to figure it out yourself!
Laser cutting detail setting the size of the router bits on the element CNC machine will limit the number of fine details.
We use an angle of 1/4, so the angle is very tight and it won\'t work.
Instead, we use laser cutting machines to make smaller and more detailed components.
We created the city background in this way.
Basically a series of buildings, the windows were cut off in order to glow from the back later.
* Design Considerations * don\'t re-invent the wheel if you can avoid it!
I struggled for an afternoon to build a few beautiful buildings for the laser cutter with clean vector lines.
I take pictures in town and try to track them with Illustrator
It is understandable that it will always be a nightmare.
A friend suggested that I use stock pictures and after half an hour I downloaded a great set of vectors and flew around.
Design or modify your file in Illustrator and print it to 1/4 \"or 1/8\" plywood.
We cut many buildings so that once we look through the lens of the camera, we can stack them separately and arrange them on the set.
Because space and scale are limited in settings, we stretch and tilt the building with the perspective of the vanishing point to gain a sense of depth.
People\'s question is: the side of our gear is curved, but how exactly did you print it on the curved wood? ? ?
Some laser cutting machines can be carved along the curve, but we don\'t have a chance to find that piece in the time range we compress.
Instead, we printed our outline on Rub.
Onz transfer paper, well, rub them on the gear.
For other additional details you would like the background to remain transparent, this transfer paper is great.
Each building is painted, one of three different shades of gray or black.
This chromatic aberration keeps each building away from its neighbors.
Once we got the hang of the metal paint, the gears got great --
When dealing with special coatings, it is best to test it first on a piece that you don\'t care too much about.
It takes a lot of trial and error to put everything together.
First, we put the main gear on a small cylindrical toilet with double sided tape and nail gun.
We put the bucket in the woods to commemorate its position.
We connect the rest of the gear to the 6 \"tube and clip the gear between the pipe end cap and the clip on the back.
The pipe is then attached to the pipe holder in order to secure it firmly on the frame.
We line up to fix the gears one by one.
Next we set the city background.
This is done by gluing the building individually with a hot glue gun.
The first is the tallest building, then scaled down to the back in descending order to create the illusion of the decline of a large street in the distance.
To give a sense of the night, we hung a black cloth behind the set and lit it properly.
Lighting is the key to highlighting features, creating depth and setting emotions.
The lights should not change during the stop motion shooting, so we had to put out several sky lights with furniture blankets.
Ideally, you will have a room that can be completely extinguished so that you have full control over the light.
All different types of lights burn at the specific temperature seen by the camera (and our eyes)
As a special color
Sunlight is usually blue, and the interior lighting of incandescent lamps is warmer.
To make the warm yellow windows in the city landscape, we lit up the rest of the building with cool daylight, balanced our camera, and then lit the windows from behind in orange
LED rail light.
Most of the light used on the set comes from 4 small Dedo lights that can point exactly to specific elements to make them more \"popular \".
The mechanism of Stop motionStop motion is a movie style in which you can take a series of photos of lifeless objects.
Between each picture and frame element you move
Whether it\'s an object in the scene or the camera itself --
Very slight, so when the pictures are string together, the scene is as lifelike as a book-turning book.
Setting up a camera-specific scene requires the camera to move from someone walking on a city street to reveal the real nature of the economy.
Before you start shooting, you must carefully plan the speed and time of the camera\'s movement.
We moved about 6 feet in eight seconds (
Leave quiet space at both ends).
Our movie will be played back at 24 frames per second, so 24*8 is 192 frames and needs to be shot just by moving.
I think I estimate about 3/8 each frame.
I could have moved the camera consistently with a tape measure, but I wanted to move in and out easily.
I use it after special effects, take screen shots of easily moving keyframes and print out more than 6 feet of the paper to get the easy moving camera exactly.
We create JPEG photo sequences using After Effects and cut them into our movies.
At least 50% of the emotional impact in the video comes from sound.
Good sound is usually more subconscious than video, but it does help to sell animations and make them believable. SoundDogs.
Com is a great resource for cheap sound effects.
With the emergence of every great new technology, people are full of praise for the democracy of film production.
The digital video makes it cheaper and the 5 DmkII makes it beautiful.
However, we believe that producer-style film production will eventually make any idea a reality for creative people.
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