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major league baseball introduces self-serve beer machines at stadium

by:QY Precision      2019-08-23
Ever want to pour beer on your own in sports?
It may not, but it may save you some time.
Courtesy PourMyBeer/DraftServSelf-
Designed machines to supply beer to make games
For sports fans, the experience of the day is more enjoyable.
Source: could APWHAT go wrong?
Sports fans can now offer themselves beer at a large stadium.
But don\'t worry.
As Kramer said, everything is supervised. The self-
Over the weekend, in the Major League Baseball game held by Target Field of Minnesota twin, the beer station made its debut.
Pete Spike, general manager of Delaware North Hotel Management, told the Star that Target Field was the first MLB site to have a machine, he says he doesn\'t know that other big American sports-the NFL, the NBA, or the NHL-have machines. Self-
Beer machines are provided in the target area of Minnesota Twins.
Source: How does the supplier work?
The first step is to go to the concession counter, show your ID card, buy a vending machine card with $10 or $20 on it and scan it on the machine.
The customer then takes a cup from the machine, pulls a tap handle, and takes anything from drop to full cup.
You pay how much you pour according to the volume.
\"It\'s like killing you [gas]
Said spike.
There are four options for beer: Bud beer, Budweiser beer, rock-Top Lemon Shandy beer and Goose Island 312 city light beer.
Spike explained that the video screen on the machine \"shows you step by step how to pour beer correctly\" and to avoid too long queues, the customer has 20 seconds to complete the transaction.
The supervisor will make sure fans don\'t buy too much beer.
Source: The maximum number that supplier customers can pour is 1.
4 liters every 15 minutes-sounds a lot-but there is an employee at each station to check the ID and determine if the customer is drunk and can\'t buy more beer.
The second time the process is simpler because the supplier card will not expire, so you just need to top it up.
How do you feel?
Beer Machine?
Should they introduce them in Australia?
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