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Maintenance of CNC machining center adjusting valve

by:QY Precision      2020-02-28
In the process of CNC machining customization, air compressors are often used. There are two types of adjusting valves, one is the suction adjusting valve and the other is the pressure adjusting valve. Here, Xiaobian combines the experience of CNC stainless steel processing to talk about the maintenance of CNC machining center adjustment valve: 1. Maintenance of suction adjustment valve, suction adjustment valve (Figure)Suction with valve body (Spit out)Air volume to maintain the necessary pressure. No maintenance will lead to the following situations: pressure drop and air discharge; Overcurrent caused by uncontrollable (Abnormal shutdown); Increased power consumption (Loss of electricity charges). The suction adjusting valve shall be used for about 12000 hours, and CNC machining customization manufacturers or service factories designated by manufacturers with technical strength shall be entrusted to carry out exchange maintenance. 2, pressure adjustment valve maintenance, pressure adjustment valve (Figure) It can control the suction adjusting valve to maintain a certain pressure, and the pressure adjusting valve will not be maintained; Overcurrent caused by uncontrollable (Abnormal shutdown); Increase in electricity consumption (Loss of electricity charges). When it is used for about 12000 hours, CNC machining center shall exchange and maintain internal consumables and suction adjusting valves at the same time.
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