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madness announce 40th anniversary uk shows: how to get tickets for 2019 dates

by:QY Precision      2019-08-26
To celebrate the 2019 anniversary, crazy announced two British performances.
As part of their crazy Go XL event, the group will perform at the Kenwood building on Saturday, June 15.
The group\'s common festival home will also return later this year, and the group will perform at the Clapham festival from Monday to 26.
Suggs and co will release a new autobiography by 2019, and new music is coming soon.
Speaking of the anniversary, Sagus said: \"The coal era of modern pop culture has passed for 40 years. Man and boy.
Dedicated to providing high quality and distinctive pop music to people.
He added: \"committed to our selfless quest to make the country sing, dance and be happy in the darkest hours of the last 40 years.
All forms and scales of banquets and street parties will be held throughout the country.
\"Tickets for these two dates will start selling on Wednesday, January 30 at nine o\'clock A. M.
You can buy it here.
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